‘Ryan Garcia won’t hit Devin with those shots’ says Bill Haney on Ryan’s win over Campbell

Ryan Garcia won’t land the same kinds of shots that he was hitting Luke Campbell with when he gets in the ring with Devin Haney, says his father/trainer Bill Haney.

In the shots that King Ryan was landing on Campbell, Bill says he won’t hit Devin with them. Ryan had a tough time as it was for him to land his big left hook.

Although he eventually stopped the 33-year-old Campbell with a left to the body in the seventh, it took him a long time before he finally landed it.

Along the way, Ryan was knocked down by Campbell in the second round and badly hurt.

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For an inexplicable reason, Campbell decided not to go for the finisher. That decision ended up costing Campbell the fight, as he left his dangerous opponent in there, and he eventually took him out with a body shot in the seenth.

Bill and WBC lightweight champion Devin (25-0, 15 KOs) were on hand last Saturday night to witness Ryan (21-0, 18 KOs) dispatching Campbell (20-4, 16 KOs) by a seventh-round knockout at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

The victory for Ryan earned him the WBC 135-lb mandatory position to challenge Devin for his belt.

However, Ryan made it clear to the fans and Haney that he wants WBA lightweight champion Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis next.

Bill Haney reacts to Ryan calling out Tank

“It doesn’t sound like he’s the mandatory after what he said after the fight,” said Bill Haney to Fino Boxing about Ryan Garcia calling out Tank Davis.

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“He said Tank, so it doesn’t sound like he’s the [WBC] mandatory. He’s not a champion at 135. Today, he became an interim champion.

“According to Mauricio Sulaiman, he becomes the mandatory for Devin, but like always, the fighters aren’t quick to get into the ring with Devin at all.

Devin Haney, Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia, Teofimo Lopez - Boxing News

“It’s been a challenge for us to get the champions in the ring with Devin, but it’s a great position to be in. He’s a world champion, and we’re not scared of anyone.

“He’s a hell of an interim champion for getting off the canvas and getting back into the fight,” said Bill Haney about Ryan getting up off the canvas in the second round against Campbell.

“He’s a warrior just like he said. Ryan showed that he has great character,” said Bill.

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It wasn’t entirely unexpected that Ryan Garcia called out Tank Davis after the fight.

For the last two weeks, Ryan had broadcasted that he would call out Tank if he won. Sure enough, that’s exactly what he did.

In hindsight, Haney and his dad Bill should have saved themselves the trouble and the money of traveling to Texas to watch Ryan fight.

It was clear all along that Ryan wasn’t going to call out Haney after the fight. It turned out to be an embarrassment for Haney when Ryan asked the American Airlines Center fans if they wanted to see him fight Devin or Tank next.

Bill: Ryan won’t hit Devin with the shots he hit Campbell with

“We’re ready for it now,” said Bill Haney about his son Devin ready to defend his WBC title against Ryan Garcia.

“That’s why we came to Texas, and we’re slightly disappointed that he would opt to fight for a non-title fight and skip over the opportunity to fight Devin for the WBC world title.

“All you can ask them is to tell the truth. If Ryan is not ready, he’s not ready. Devin is.

Devin Haney, Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia, Teofimo Lopez - Boxing News

“I don’t think Ryan will hit him with any of that s*** he hit Luke with tonight, for sure,” said Bill when asked how a fight between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney would play out.

Bill could be right about Ryan not being able to land his left hook on Devin. For Ryan to land that shot, Devin will need to get careless and leave himself open the way Campbell did.

Campbell wasn’t expecting Ryan to go downstairs with his left hook. For most of the fight, Ryan was trying to knock Campbell out with left hooks to the head.

Indeed, Ryan came close to stopping Campbell in the fifth when he tagged him with a powerful left hook in the closing seconds of the round.

The shot hurt Campbell badly enough to where he turned his back to Ryan against the ropes. The round ended, which prevented Ryan from knocking out the defenseless Campbell.