Ryan Garcia has “no heart, he quit” says coach Bullet about loss to Gervonta Davis

04/24/2023 - By Jeff Sorby - Comments

Coach Bullett says Ryan Garcia could have gotten up when Gervonta Davis knocked him down in the seventh round last Saturday night, but he chose to stay on knee & be counted out by the referee because he has “no heart.”

Bullet, the trainer for Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero, says Ryan (23-1, 19 KOs) was in a “hurry” to be counted out after he was dropped with a body shot by Gervota (29-0, 27 KOs), and he states that he lost respect for him.

Bullet feels that Ryan should have gotten back up in a fight of this magnitude and continued fighting. According to Ryan’s dad Henry Garcia, he says he told him that he felt he would have gotten hurt by Tank if he’d gotten back up and continued fighting. So because of that, Ryan decided to stay down.

Henry also hinted that Ryan had a problem that was part of the reason why he didn’t get back. He didn’t say what the problem was, but it could be an injury that kept Ryan from getting back to his feet in time to beat the ref’s count.

“I think he quit. He could have got up and fought some more. He just ain’t got no heart,” said coach Bullet to Fighthype when asked about Ryan Garcia suffering a second round knockout loss to Gervonta Davis.

It’s thought that Ryan was hit in the liver by Tank, resulting in him being in too much pain to get back up.

“That’s what boxing shows you. The guys with the intangibles, the heart, the mindset, and will to win. Other guys have got skills, but can’t take a punch. He was like, ‘Hurry up and get to 10 in his mind,'” said Bullet about Ryan Garcia after he was knocked down by a body shot from Gervonta in round seven.

“It’s like the weirdest s**t ever. Yes, I lost a lot of respect for him. I already knew he didn’t have it, but on a stage like that, you got to get up. ‘Six to twelve 100% Tank,’ I told them.

“Yeah, you got to fight, bro. That’s the Mexican pride. That’s bull s**t. Yes, all day. Uppercut and body shot. Uppercut and body shot, I told you. Look at the interview,” said Bullett when asked if he saw the second round knockdown by Tank when he nailed Ryan with an uppercut.

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