Ryan Garcia: Full-On Psycho Mode Activated

By Tim Compton - 03/28/2024 - Comments

Ryan Garcia sounded mad dog crazy, threatening to “kill” Devin Haney, having him straight up dying, when he challenges him for his WBC light welterweight title on April 20h on DAZN PPV. Kingry, 25, is promising to destroy Haney’s life, having him stretchered out of the ring with an oxygen mask.

It was so creepy to listen to Ryan talking about his plans to kill Haney, but it was enlightening at the same time how far off the beaten track he is with his mental state.

During an interview today, Ryan seemed to snap mentally, looking lost in thought with fists clenched, talking about killing Haney, breaking his arm, and biting him in the ring on April 20th to have him meet his maker.

Ryan looked lost in thought, like he was living it in his mind, the moment he ended Haney’s existence and kills him. You could tell from watching Ryan that he’s going to take great pleasure in doing a number on Haney. It was like listening to the confession of a killer and scary.

Channeling His Inner Psycho

“He’s going to need oxygen. I’m going to take him out in a stretcher,” said an agitated-looking Ryan Garcia on social media, warning what he’s going to do to Devin Haney on April 20th.

“I promise you I’m leaving him in a stretcher. If I got to bite his a**, I’m leaving him in a stretcher. If I got to twist his arm and break his arm in the ring, I will. This is not a boxing match. This is a fight. I’m coming to destroy his life.”

You have to wonder what Haney said to get Ryan to snap mentally. He triggered something in Ryan to cause him to go full-blown psycho mode, and it could end badly for Haney.

That’s if the fight goes ahead. The New York State Athletic Commission might take note of Ryan’s “kill” comments and want to step in and pull him.

Welcome to the Dark Side, Ryan

“If you think I’m playing around, people have died in the ring. Obviously, he doesn’t care if he kills me. So, if he kills me, he’ll walk around like nothing happened. So, I’m going in to kill this mother f***.

“Oh, it’s a boxing match, and it’s all legal. They’ve killed people. So, I’m not playing around with this mother f***. He better be ready. Unless he’s willing to die, that’s on him,” said Ryan about Haney.

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