Roy Jones Jr. wants Nick Diaz fight

Last night we saw Anderson Silva’s dream of fighting Roy Jones Jr. go down the tubes with Silva’s terrible leg injury he suffered in his loss to UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s going to take Silva a long time to recover from the broken tibia and fibular he suffered in his 2nd round stoppage loss to Weidman. In the meantime, a fight between him and Jone Jr. is clearly not going to happen for a while, if ever. However, Jones Jr. hasn’t given up on his desire to face an MMA fighter in a boxing match.

Jones Jr., 43, has now set his sights on Nick Diaz of Stockton, California. Of all the UFC fighter, Diaz is one of the better stand up fighters due to his background in boxing. Jones Jr. would like to fight Diaz if the fight can take place. He reportedly asked UFC President Dana White for permission to fight Diaz, and he’s mulling it over.

Ariel Helwani of Fox Sports said last Saturday night “I spoke to Roy and he said I want to fight this guy [Silva]. I want to box him and he wants to box me, but he’s going to be out. So if I can’t box him then I want to box Nick Diaz. Roy told me he asked Dana White for the fight in a boxing match, and Dana told him ‘I’ll think about it.’ Nick has called Roy out in the past. Roy says he wants it. I think this is a fight that can get Nick Diaz out of retirement.”

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Diaz has very heavy hands and can punch well to the body as well as to the head. He has one pro fight in boxing under his belt in 2005 when he beat Alfonso Rocha by a 4 round unanimous decision. Diaz is only 30-years-old and pretty well preserved. It might make for an interesting fight if Dana White says yes.