Roach: “Luckily Roger won’t be running the corner for Floyd”

“Luckily Roger won’t be running the corner for Floyd, his dad is in the corner. I think Floyd Sr. makes it an easier fight for us,” said Roach during an interview with

On May 2nd, Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao will both finally cross the ropes and face each other in the ring, ready to leave it all in there for the fans their legacy. Too many things will once again be familiar for both champions: the venue, the crowd, and an endless avalanche of media attention.

One thing that will be different for each fighter, aside from their opponent across the ring, is the preparation that they would have gone through for the biggest fight of their careers. The physical training as well as strategic approach will need to be absolutely chiseled for both boxers, as both are facing a higher echelon rival then every before.

Freddie Roach seems to believe that Floyd Sr. is not a parallel to his brother Roger, who has prepared Mayweather Jr. for most of his artful victories.

“The dad’s not as good a trainer, he’s not as good a fighter. He keeps telling me how great he is, but it takes him 10 minutes to say one word in the corner. Roger is the better fighter, Roger is the better trainer. Roger has more wins with Floyd than anybody. I think it’s a huge mistake getting rid of Roger and going with his Dad. I love his Dad in the corner,” continued Roach.

While it is very hard to believe that Floyd Sr. will have much of an effect on Floyd Jr.’s performance, maybe there is something that Roach has noticed in Mayweather Jr.’s fights that we have not. It is entirely possible that there some little repetition, or a tell, that Mayweather Jr. has developed that Freddie Roach is planning on exploiting.

Nevertheless, seems like roach himself is not too sure that his theory has much pull: “One thing about Floyd, he is a self made fighter. Nobody taught him how to fight. He grew up in the gym, he grew up a fighter, and that’s where he learned to fight,” concluded Roach.

At this point in their careers, it is highly unlikely that Freddie Roach and Mayweather Sr. have much new to teach their fighters. After endless championship fights, and countless rounds, both Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao are as developed and set in their ways as a boxer can be.

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