RESULTS: Hughie Fury Stops Sam Peter In Bizarre Fight; Peter Dislocates Shoulder In Foul-Fest

By James Slater - 07/12/2019 - Comments

Tonight in Saudi Arabia on the big Amir Khan card, heavyweights Hughie Fury and Sam Peter turned in an utterly bizarre and wild fight. Fury, the younger man by 14 years at age 24, won via TKO in the seventh-round when Peter swung wildly with a right hand and apparently either dislocated or otherwise injured his left shoulder.

In obvious pain, Peter, after what seemed like an incredibly long delay, was waved out of the fight. Fury is now 23-2(13) and Peter falls to 38-8(31).

But the ending of the fight, as odd as it was, was preceded by some wild and crazy action. Peter, out of shape and almost completely shot, nevertheless gave it a go (after being made to wait in the ring for an inordinate amount of time as the MC/comedian did his thing). Swinging for the fences and missing by what seemed like feet, Peter was chucking himself off-balance.

Still, the 38 year old (some say much older) hung in there, he took some shots from the much slimmer and lighter Fury, and he didn’t quit. Out of gas by the third or fourth, Peter took it to the streets. Low blows, hitting on the break, rabbit punches and even a punch that caught the referee’s nose to the point of drawing blood on the third man, this fight had it all. Peter was close to being disqualified, in fact he should have been.

Time and again, as the ref attempted to get in and admonish the former WBC heavyweight champ for clearly and deliberately hitting Fury well below the belt, Peter ignored the ref and swung with further punches. It was a gutter fight and in truth, though Fury got the win, he did himself no favors with his overall performance. Fury should have dealt with the ancient, badly faded former champ much easier and hassle-free than he did.

The end to the ugly fight was no doubt welcomed by many fans, simply due to how awful the action really was (yet, in a weird way, perhaps awfully entertaining to some!). Again hitting Fury low, Peter once again ignored the ref as the third man tried to halt the action; this time swinging a monstrously wide right and ending up injuring his other shoulder.

Some say Peter faked the injury to get out but he really did look to be in pain. Indeed, this fight was painful to watch.