Parker vs Chisora II: Will We See A KO This Time?

Eddie Hearn thinks we will see a KO this time, so too does Joseph Parker, while Dereck Chisora seems to think he will have to score a KO or stoppage in order to get the win. It’s the heavyweight rematch between former WBO heavyweight champ Parker and long-time – as in very long-time – heavyweight contender Dereck Chisora: December 18 in Manchester. The first fight, back in May, was a great action fight, a slugfest the kind of which Chisora likes giving the paying fans.

Also like a number of Chisora fights that raged until the 12th and final bell, the Parker fight saw “War” go home on the wrong end of a close decision (as happened to him when he fought Dillian Whyte the first time, as it happened to him when he fought Agit Kabayel in 2017, and, going way back, when it happened to Chisora when he fought an unbeaten Robert Helenius in 2011; while Chisora also feels he was hard done by after his 12-rounder with Oleksandr Usyk).

The point is, Chisora has a right to feel as though he never gets a break when a fight goes to the cards, not if it’s in any way close. Chisora even pleaded with the judges at the recent presser to hype the December fight – “don’t rob me,” he implored the officials. So does Chisora need a KO or stoppage to get the win this time? Will he again go home empty-handed if the rematch goes the limit? It must add extra pressure when a fighter is convinced going in that he will not get the W without scoring a KO.

But Parker, who admits the first fight was close (getting up from an early knockdown as he did, coming on strong in the later rounds) has said he feels he will be the man who gets the stoppage this time. For a while now, a good while in fact, we’ve been wondering how much 37 year old Chisora, who has fashioned an extremely hard-earned 32-11(23) pro career, has left in the tank. How much can he have left? Chisora, though, has carried on going to the well and he has thus far always come up with something, giving a great effort in every fight.

Is the December fight the fight where the well comes up dry? No fighter can go on forever and it might be that Chisora is destined to be best remembered as a consistently exciting, value for money warrior who was unfortunately unable to win a world title. Of course, Chisora has other ideas and he plans to take out Parker, who is eight years the younger man and is currently 29-2(21), and then get a title shot of some kind. Easier said that done, yes. Parker has a good chin, a very good chin, and he has never come close to being flattened.

There is always a first time, sure, but the odds seem to be against Chisora. Once again. But if the rematch does goes to the cards, as is a very good possibility, let’s all hope Chisora is left with nothing to complain about, whoever wins. Parker, I’m sure, wants it that way too.

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