Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4: Will the crowd turn against Manny if he gets another controversial win?

By ESB - 11/23/2012 - Comments

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4: Will the crowd turn against Manny if he gets another controversial win?By Rob Smith: If remember watching the last fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez last year in November at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, you’ll note that the Vegas crowd, which had been heavily in Pacquiao’s favorite all fight long, suddenly turned against him when the judges’ results were announced after the fight giving him the ring.

The crowd was unhappy with the decision and felt that Marquez should have won. There was a lot of booing, and it made it hard to hear Pacquiao speak when he was being interviewed after the fight. The question is will the crowd erupt into even louder booing if Pacquiao wins another controversial decision when he meets up with Marquez on December 8th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas?

Pacquiao has had incredible luck to be able to go though the three fights with Marquez without a loss because many boxing fans believe that Pacquiao deserved to win none of the fight, including the first one. While there is considerable controversy where there isn’t controversy is in looking at who won the majority of the rounds in their three fights. In watching all three fights back to back it’s irrefutable that Marquez won the vast majority of the rounds, or at least he should have. He controlled the action, landed the cleaner shots, and had the superior ring generalship. But still Pacquiao was given two wins and a draw in those three fights.

Marquez is 39 now, and he may be old enough for Pacquiao to beat him without controversy this time but I’m not holding my breath on that happening. Marquez looked better than Pacquiao last November, and despite being older than Pacquiao by six years, Marquez looked to be the younger fighter both physically and in terms of his ring skills.

Hopefully there’s no controversy with this fight on December 8th because it’ll be another black eye for boxing if the judges aren’t able to give the decision to the right fighter that the fans saw as the winner. It looks bad when one fighter gets dominated and yet is still getting the decisions over and over again.