Nikita Tszyu Stops Biggs With Violent Liver Shot – Boxing Results

By Amy A Kaplan - 11/22/2023 - Comments

Nikita Tszyu snatched the Australian super welterweight crown from Dylan Biggs in a fifth-round stunner. Scheduled for a Wednesday night showdown, the Tszyu vs. Biggs fight on November 22nd turned heads and had everyone reaching for the popcorn.

From the get-go, it looked like Biggs had the upper hand. In the first round, he sent Tszyu spinning with a right-hand whammy that had everyone thinking, “Oh boy, this is going to be one wild ride!” Tszyu, a bit shaken but not stirred, admitted he didn’t see that wallop coming!

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Despite the shaky start, Nikita found his groove soon enough. The next couple of rounds saw them exchanging blows like they were at a super sale. But in round four, Tszyu turned on the heat. He unleashed a flurry of haymakers that had Biggs looking like he’d been through a blender, and the commentators were just as stunned as we were.

Come round five, Tszyu was in full beast mode. He delivered a liver shot that had Biggs kissing the canvas. From there, it was just a countdown until the ref called it quits, right before the bell.

With this victory, the Tszyu clan’s record in Australia is a jaw-dropping 48-0, with 38 KOs. Kostya had his 18-0 streak, Tim’s sitting pretty at 22-0, and now Nikita’s shining with an 8-0 record. Following in big bro Tim’s footsteps, Nikita also snagged the Australian title, something Tim did back in 2019.

In the aftermath, Biggs was nursing more than just his pride – turns out he broke his wrist in the fray. When asked about his slow start, Tszyu quipped, “I’m not a morning person, and there’s no better wake-up call than a fist to the face!”

Looking ahead, the Tszyu brothers are setting their sights on Vegas. Tim, ever the promoter, rallied for an exciting new challenger for Nikita. “Why not Tony Harrison?” he suggested. Nikita, playing it cool, said he’s just a pawn in the grand game of No Limits Boxing and will fight whoever they line up for him.

Even the skeptics had to tip their hats to Nikita after this fight. Aussie journo Peter Badel, who had his money on Biggs, was left in awe of Tszyu’s resilience and skill. “He’s definitely stepped out from under his family’s giant shadow,” Badel remarked.

While a world title might not be on the immediate horizon, it’s clear Nikita Tszyu is on a meteoric rise, following the trail blazed by his brother Tim. One thing’s for sure, the younger Tszyu is not just a chip off the old block; he’s carving out his own legacy, one fight at a time.