Nikita Tszyu Ready To Fill Father’s Shoes

It is no secret that boxing happens to be a generational sport, meaning that sons like to give boxing a go if their fathers made a name for themselves by fighting. It seems as though almost every champion has a son that wishes to continue the family tradition, and for Kostya and Nikita Tszyu, the plan is no different.

“I reckon it [the Olympics] will be too late for me, I want to get into pros as early as possible.I want to get to the Commonwealth Games, then go pro. My dad did it early; I want to get as much experience in the professionals as I can. I don’t really like team sports, I don’t like depending on other people. I work hard by myself and get all the results for myself. I’ve got one job, that’s to win the gold,” stated Nikita.

The kid is dreaming big, and being that he already holds three national boxing titles, it seems as though he is serious and determined about achieving his goal in an expedited way like his father Kostya.

It is common knowledge that filling the shoes of one of the greatest boxers in their era is not something that most sons are able to achieve. Whether it’s the Mosley kid, Frazier or Tszyu kid, they have an almost impossible lever to achieve in order to be compared to their respective fathers.

I am curious to see how far Nikita is able to climb in the sport that his father practically dominated, and will certainly keep an eye on him as he progresses throughout his amateur boxing career.

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