Mike Tyson Tour: A New Day…..And A Night To Remember

04/19/2013 - By Vivek Wallace - Comments

Miami, Fl – On any given night the streets of South Beach offer every form of entertainment from sky lounges for swingers to jazz clubs with humdingers! In a city where everything under the sun has taken place in the darkness of the moonlight, recently, locals had a chance to witness one of the few things that no one there had ever quite seen. A typical South Beach night starts to buzz at about 1am. But on this particular evening, only moments after 8pm, a very festive audience fell into a deep silence.

In a suddenly dim theater, the only thing visible to the naked eye was a white silhouette gracefully crossing the stage in a somewhat poetic cadence to the crisp vocals of the legendary Nat King Cole’s intimate piano driven “Nature Boy”. Seconds later, those in attendance heard a familiar voice, yet a very unfamiliar tone. Under the spotlight at center stage like he did at age 20 when he became the youngest champion in Heavyweight history, was none other than “Iron” Mike Tyson.

For the next two hours those in attendance would travel a road that remains easy to recognize, yet very hard to understand. The ebbs and flows in the life of Mike Tyson were well chronicled, but up close, it was quickly revealed that there was far more than meets the eye. The tour is aptly titled “Undisputed Truth”. And that’s exactly what those in attendance got, as he spoke of everything from his personal setbacks, to those corrupted sources around him who can now officially be charged with set-ups.

From Don King, to Desiree Washington, to Teddy Atlas, and beyond; “Iron” Mike left no stones unturned, and he did it all without casting one (stone). It was an unedited glimpse into a life that even the greatest of the great in Hollywood would have a challenge casting. While viewers laughed hysterically for most of the show, there were several moments where there wasn’t a dry eye in the building. Reminiscing moments of a childhood led by an alcoholic and a drug dealer who played Dad certainly didn’t come easy for Tyson. But skimming through the various chapters of his life, condensed in a two hour show, what became very clear was that nothing else did either.

Tyson crossed paths with millions of people in his lifetime, yet only one had the ability to see his soul and effectively guide his spirit. The late Cus D’Amato didn’t live long enough to see his pupil reach the very spot on top of the Boxing world he predicted he would. And in many ways, when he died, so did his dreams for the young Mike Tyson……as no one else, with the exception of his lovely wife, has ever cared or understood him enough to do so in an unconditional way.

Whether you be a casual fan of the sport, or simply a fan of the man himself, this affair is one everyone needs to see…..as it bears many lessons. The greatest of them all: No matter who you have in your corner or who may have fallen from it……at the end of the day, nothing can stop a man from standing up who refuses to lay down. This message comes from an unlikely source, but don’t shoot the messenger! He’s been through enough! And that’s the “Undisputed Truth” about the undisputed champ!

(For show dates visit www.tysonontour.com or call your local ticketmaster —– MUST SEE PERFORMANCE)