Miguel Cotto-Antonio Margarito III: Would you watch it?

Controversial Mexican warrior Antonio Margarito continues his comeback tomorrow night in Chihuahua, as the 39 year old faces Carson Jones in a ten-round 154 pound non-title fight. Margarito says he is in the best shape of his life (the usual battle-cry of an ageing, past his best former champ) and that after he defeats Jones he wants a third fight with Miguel Cotto.

Many fight fans, in fact the overwhelming majority of them, will probably say Margarito – whose infamous “loaded wraps” scandal is well known throughout the boxing world – has a real nerve in even asking for such a high-profile, lucrative fight; one Cotto is almost certainly never going to grant the fighter he is currently 1-1 with anyway. But Margarito, hearing how Cotto, the new WBO 154 pound champ, will retire at the end of this year, has called for the rubber-match nonetheless.

It’s a given that Margarito does not deserve the fight – or any world title fight come to that – but if it did happen, would you tune in to see Cotto-Margarito III? Fight-one, won by Margarito (with or without the use of loaded hand-wraps depending on your own personal opinion) was a great battle, while Cotto’s revenge win, three-and-a-half years later, was the result of a superb display of skill and patience by the Puerto Rican.

Some fans, those that would not boycott a third fight if it actually took place, might enjoy the prospect of seeing Good Guy Cotto beat up on Bad Guy Margarito for a second time. In reality, Margarito, 40-8(27) should not be fighting any more, at all, at any level, and a ninth loss could be on the cards for tomorrow night anyway.

But if he does get past Jones, 40-11-3(30), Margarito is not going to go away. Not until he gets himself a big fight (which he would more than likely lose, in the process very possibly suffering even more damage to his eye) – and maybe some people would enjoy the sight of Cotto retiring his most disliked rival as the future Hall of Famer ended his own fine career at the same time.

Still, Cotto, if he even reads what Margarito has to say, about anything, is likely to be disgusted over how his former rival has called for another fight with him.