Mayweather Jr. Suggests That 9/15/2015 Will Be His Last Fight: Exit or Drama?

Apparently Floyd Mayweather Jr. expects to step into the boxing ring as a fighter for the last time on September 15, 2015.

At a dinner in South Africa, Mayweather Jr. told the attendees that he remembers his first fight when he was a kid in 1987, closing with: “September 2015 will be my last.”

Technically speaking, Mayweather Jr. could retire anytime, especially if he is able to keep his perfect streak up until his Showtime contract is fulfilled. After that, he can dive head first into promotion and possibly even training. But is that what Floyd Mayweather Jr. going to do? Will September 15th be his last fight?

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I guess a better way to phrase that question is: should September 15th be his last fight?

There are various factors that could influence anyone’s answer, but one of them tramples all others, and it’s the forever lasting debate of Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Retiring undefeated should not be a problem for Floyd, especially in the current pool of opposition.

Please don’t assume me for a Mayweather Jr. fanatic; I am not. But realistically speaking, I cannot see a fighter that can challenge Mayweather Jr. enough to cause a stir. Manny Pacquiao on the other hand, should not be thought of as just an opponent, but rather an absolutely necessary villain in the novel of Mayweather Jr’s career.

Aren’t endings supposed to be explosive? Doesn’t every fighter wish for a spectacular exit that boxing fans will remember and talk about for decades to come? Manny Pacquiao is the only key to that ending for Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The question is, if Floyd and Manny found a working deal with each other, would Mayweather Jr. want to fight him under Showtime, or wait and make it his own investment venture?

What does Mayweahter Jr. need to focus on getting done before 9/15/2015?

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