Timothy Bradley vs. Manny Pacquiao II Ready To go on April 12th

According to the Manila Bulletin, Manny Pacquiao will soon cross the ropes to face Timothy Bradley in a rematch that many Pacquiao fans have been clamoring for. The fight is set to take place in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 12, 2014.

This fight undoubtedly gives both fighters a shot at sweet redemption.

By beating Pacquiao again, Bradley can finally get rid of and step out of the shadow that their last fight cast on him. Not only was it a lackluster fight for the fans, but Bradley’s victory was ridiculed and unaccepted by the majority of the boxing fans as well as the media. The victory gave him nothing but a sour feeling, filled with an enormous amount of confidence shredding press.

For Pacquiao, that loss felt like a bad omen. He fought what seemed like a lethargic fight, without any display of urgency. Did he believe that the victory was already in the bag? After that loss, Pacquiao became a different character, a completely remolded persona in the sport of boxing. He was no longer the kryptonite for Mayweather Jr., and neither was he the fireball that is supposed to run through his competition like a freight train. Facing and beating Bradley would not only provide Pacquiao with a confidence boost, but would place him back in the running for more lucrative options. Since Juan Manuel Marquez is not in the plans right now, Bradley might very well be the best option available.

For me, the curiosity arousing question is: how well will the rematch seel?

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