Manuel Charr Vs. Christopher Lovejoy Supposedly Going Down On Saturday

Talk about an oddity of a heavyweight fight; especially one that calls itself a “world” heavyweight title fight. This Saturday in Germany, Manuel Charr will supposedly face Christopher Lovejoy in a fight that will (if it actually takes place, and Don King, who may or may not have control of Lovejoy, might have something to say about it), see Charr defend the version of the WBA heavyweight title he won way back in 2017.

That was the last time “Diamond Boy” Charr fought. As for the unbeaten but wholly untested Lovejoy, well, he really hasn’t fought anybody – not a single ranked contender. The combination of inactivity on the part of 36 year old Charr and the appalling quality of opposition faced by Lovejoy puts this “world” title fight into perspective. But wait, it could, maybe, possibly, turn out to be a good fight, a fun fight.

Charr, 31-4(17) can fight, or at least he used to be able to fight. And 37 year old Lovejoy, 19-0(19) can punch. Who knows what we’ll see on Saturday, but the two men are both talking a great fight, the two having engaged in an official face-to-face (as filmed by IFL TV), during which they refused to shake hands. Lovejoy says he will be crowned “king” on Saturday, while Charr says he will keep hold of whatever belt it is he is in possession of.

It goes without saying, this fight is no world title fight, nor is it a meaningful heavyweight fight as far as the world title picture goes (then again, it’s not out of the realms that Saturday’s winner could one day get another, more legit title shot of some kind). But again, Charr Vs. Lovejoy could prove eventful, an action fight even.

TV details are sketchy but it’s likely you will be able to find a stream of the fight. Will YOU be trying to find it on Saturday or Sunday?

Who wins? Charr, the far more seasoned and experienced fighter, should be able to stop Lovejoy in the middle rounds – unless “Diamond Boy” is now a dulled, totally finished fighter. After all that inactivity, who on earth knows how much if anything Charr has left?