Like Father, Like Son – Evan Holyfield To Go Pro At 154 Pounds

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of ‘boxing juniors,’ sons of great fighters trying their very best to follow in the big shoes their fathers walked. Some of these fighters actually surpassed the achievements of their fathers: Floyd Mayweather Junior for an obvious example. Others, such as Ronald Hearns and Aaron Pryor Jr, really had no chance when it came to emulating the awesome accomplishments of their fathers.

Now, as per a short news story from Dan Rafael of, 21 year old Evan Holyfield, son of the great Evander Holyfield, will go pro later this year as a 154-pounder. As per Rafael’s story, Evan, one of four sons “The Real Deal” has, will officially announce his pro career at a press conference in Houston set for tomorrow. Holyfield Sr will be present and it has been confirmed how Tim Hallmark, who worked with the former cruiserweight and heavyweight king for so many years, will also be Evan’s strength and conditioning coach. Termite Watkins will be Evan’s head trainer.

“I have been boxing [as an amateur] for ten years and it is time to go to the next level,” Evan said. “All through high school while my friends were going to football and basketball practice, I was going to the gym, every day. I realise the time is now for that dedication to pay off.”

If Evan can achieve even half, heck, even a quarter, of what his father managed in the ring, he will certainly make his mark in a big way. Holyfield, known for his incredible work ethic, will be hoping he has passed his incredible strength, of mind as well as body, down to his son. If he has, look out the 154 pound division over the coming years.

Some ‘boxing juniors’ crumbled under the pressure to live up to their dad (see Julio Cesar Chavez Jr) while others thrived on the pressure and expectations and rose to the occasion. Under which category Evan Holyfield will fall we all must wait and see.