Liam Smith-Chris Eubank Jr Fallout: Class From Eubank Sr, A Cheap Shot From Benn

By James Slater - 01/22/2023 - Comments

Liam Smith certainly got the British boxing schedule for the new year going with a bang last night. As fans know and are all talking about, Smith took out bitter rival Chris Eubank Jr in style in their middleweight clash, with “Beefy” silencing Eubank via fourth round TKO. It was a most impressive performance from Smith, especially when we consider the fact that Eubank, now 32-3(23) had never previously been knocked down in a fight.

Smith, who improved to 33-3-1(20) with his emphatic win, now has to see whether or not Eubank will activate the rematch clause he is armed with.

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However, in light of the way Smith so utterly dominated the action last night, his power, speed and accuracy being way too much for his rival, there is nothing to suggest Eubank would be able to turn things around in a part-two. And would there be anywhere near as much interest in a Smith-Eubank II?

As for now, fans, experts and fellow fighters have been reacting to Smith’s win with messages put forth on social media. Some people cannot resist putting the boot in on a fallen fighter (and to be fair, Eubank Jr has been guilty of this himself in the past), while others show class and respect to a beaten warrior.

Conor Benn – who of course made the headlines for all the wrong reasons last year, his heavily-hyped fight with Eubank Jr failing to happen because, well, you know why – was keen to take a dig at Eubank. While Chris Eubank Senior, showing the kind of class and dignity he has become known for, took the time to praise his son’s conqueror.

“Congratulations @liambeefysmith. I’ve never once seen Chris Jr buckle in a fight, so big respect to you, your team and your future,” Eubank Sr wrote.

“Oh, man, @chriseubankjr it’s a good job you didn’t fight me. You’d last two rounds at 160,” Benn wrote.

After the huge amount of controversy and negativity Benn brought to the sport last year, one would be excused for thinking he would, if he was unable to bring himself to say anything positive about a fellow fighter – one who he royally jerked around and cost many £millions – at least stay quiet. Benn could certainly have left Eubank Jr’s name out of it and congratulated Smith.

As for the possibility of a Smith-Benn fight, if and when Benn is cleared (in the minds of the general public mostly), it could be that Benn would not last two rounds with Smith.

To repeat, class from Eubank Sr, a cheap shot from Conor Benn. But, hey, what do YOU guys think?

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