Lennox Lewis On Joshua/Miller Clash: I’m With Everybody Else, I Wanted To See A Better Fight

Retired heavyweight great Lennox Lewis is not too thrilled about seeing the upcoming June fight between Anthony Joshua and Jarrell Miller. In fact, Lewis says Miller will not test AJ and that, like many fight fans, he wanted to see a “better fight” – namely Joshua against Deontay Wilder. Speaking with Sun Sport, Lewis, the last undisputed heavyweight king, said that in his opinion it “wouldn’t have been complicated to make the Wilder fight” but that “bad decisions from his (AJ’s) promoter have left Joshua out in the cold.”

“I am with everybody else in this case, I wanted to see a better fight,” Lewis said of the upcoming Joshua/Miller fight set for Madison Square Garden in New York. “When Anthony came to America last year and Miller came up and crashed his press conference, I thought that was a big set-up and I wasn’t fooled by it. I have only seen Miller fight once but I guess it’s the easy sort of fight they want to have in America and then go home. It’s not really a fight that will test Anthony. I don’t think it was complicated to make the Wilder fight, they were in the best spot possible to dictate exactly what they wanted. They could have got the fight but they did not take advantage of their position. The fact Wilder and Fury are going to fight again has got everyone excited, they want to see that match-up and that has left Anthony Joshua out in the cold.”

Naturally, Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn disagrees with everything Lewis has said, but it’s true the fan attention, or most of it, is on the Wilder/Fury rematch, not on AJ/Big Baby. There are a few pundits willing to give Miller a real chance of scoring the upset, but mostly it’s being predicted as a definite win for Joshua. The big question is, will Joshua, if he is victorious in his U.S debut, finally fight either Wilder or Fury later on this year?

This is what we want, what we have been waiting and waiting for, and what the sport needs. But what if Fury and Wilder end up having a third fight? Would that leave AJ even further “out in the cold?”