Krzysztof Glowacki Suspended For Four Years After Failed Drugs Test

By James Slater - 01/03/2024 - Comments

Just a couple of days into the new year and the first big name from the sport has been hit with a ban due to flunking a drugs test. Former WBO cruiserweight champ Krzysztof Glowacki has been suspended for four years due to his hot test, which came after his January 2023 stoppage loss to Richard Riakporhe. Glowacki, 32-4(20) was stopped in four rounds in the fight that took place in the UK, with UKAD now confirming how Glowacki’s post-fight test came up positive for the banned steroid boldenone.

37 year old Glowacki may well have boxed his last fight as a result of the findings and the ban. The start date of the suspension/ban is April 6 of 2023. However, Glowacki, who made the switch to MMA last year, with absolutely incredible results – Glowacki scoring a must-see, one-punch KO whilst laid flat on his back! – may be able to fight in other countries, and he may compete in further MMA contests.

In terms of being a world class operator in boxing, Poland’s Glowacki was clearly done some time ago, therefore the four-year ban will not be causing him too many sleepless nights. A fine cruiserweight in his day, Glowacki defeated Marco Huck to become WBO champion, this in August of 2015, and he went on to feature in exciting and big fights with the likes of Steve Cunningham, Oleksandr Usyk and, in a truly wild affair, Mairis Briedis.

Now back to that sensational KO Glowacki scored in his MMA debut. It was back in June of last year when Glowacki faced fellow MMA debutant Patryk Tolkaczewski in Warsaw, and Glowacki, who was taken down early in the fight and was laid beneath his opponent, uncorked a left hook that took the on top (literally) fighter out! It was a stunning KO, with the footage going rival.

Now, sadly, Glowacki will join the ever-growing list of fighters to have failed a drugs test. It’s not a particularly nice question to ask, but how many more prominent fighters and world champions will fail a drugs test here in 2024?