Khan vs. Pacquiao – Should we be excited?

09/09/2018 - By DeMarkus Jones - Comments

The fight has been rumored for awhile now. For many years it was a very intriguing clash. Amir Khan vs Manny Pacquiao. While that fight never happened officially, the option was always there. However after Amir Khan’s impressive decision win over Samuel Vargas two names were thrown out for Khan’s next opponent. Manny Pacquiao or a domestic clash with Kell Brook. While Brook and Khan appear to have legit beef with one another the Pacquiao fight would be a lot easier to market to more casual fans of the sport. Here’s a few reasons we should all look forward to this fight.


Everyone loves when a fight is more personal. It gives us more of a reason to care. A reason to get invested and pick side. I wouldn’t expect much trash talk from either side but the fact that they were former stable mates at the Wildcard Gym creates more than enough drama. As the saying goes familiarity breeds contempt. Khan and Pacquiao are very familiar with each other. Having spent numerous rounds sparring against each other. Khan’s first day at the Wildcard Gym he was thrown in with Pacquiao. Who got the better of those sparring sessions would be an interesting subplot to the fight.


This fight can’t be boring. It is statiscally impossible. Both men are very rarely in boring fights, and that is usually the result of their opponents. Between Khan’s speed, bravery and shaky chin. Combined with Pacquiao’s speed, power and age. You have all the variables for a tantalizing matchup that can end any number of ways. However in ring drama and action are all but guaranteed. Will Khan’s speed and volume overwhelm a slightly older Pacquiao? Will Manny catch Khan coming in and drop him with a straight left on the chin? If Khan gets tagged can he survive? What habits or trends might they to exploit in one another? This is truly a pick’em fight. It should have happened a few years ago, but hopefully we will get it soon. Comment down below if you would watch Khan vs Pacquiao.

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