Khan: I was beating Danny Garcia easier than I was Carlos Molina

By ESB - 12/21/2012 - Comments

khan5634By Michael Collins: Amir Khan (27-3, 19 KO’s) still is under the impression that he lost to WBC light welterweight champion Danny Garcia last July by getting hurt by a lucky punch thrown by the 24-year-old Garcia. Khan thinks he would have continued to dominate him like he’d done in the first two rounds had he not got hit by that big left hook shot that connected to his neck in the 3rd round.

Khan is now saying that he was having more problems with his last opponent 5’6” lightweight Carlos Molina than he was with Garcia.

Khan said to “I was beating (Garcia) convincingly and then got caught with a shot. I think I was beating him more easily for the first two or three rounds than I was Molina…I got caught with a shot that I shouldn’t have been caught by.”

Khan was dominating Garcia pretty easily in the 1st round, but in the 2nd round, Khan began to get hit with some hard left hooks from Garcia, and you could tell that Khan was going to have problems in this fight unless he got to Garcia to take him out. Garcia was hitting Khan a lot more regularly than Khan’s other opponents Marcos Maidana and Lamont Peterson early.

The fact that Khan is attributing his loss to Garcia as getting hit by a punch he shouldn’t have is a sign that Khan doesn’t seem to recognize that his defense isn’t that good. Khan was getting hit plenty early on in his mismatch against little Carlos Molina. The difference between that fight and the Garcia fight was that Garcia had the power to hurt Khan, whereas Molina was simply too small and weak to do anything.

Khan was getting hit by shots from Molina, but the smaller guy, who Khan’s promoters dug up from the lightweight division, didn’t have the power to worry Khan. What do you expect? Golden Boy Promotions not only found a lightweight instead of a light welterweight for Khan to fight, but they found one that wasn’t even ranked by any of the sanctioning bodies at lightweight and didn’t have the power to hurt Khan.

Khan will next be fighting in April next year against a still to be determined opponent. Paulie Malignaggi and Josesito Lopez have been mentioned as possibilities. If Malignaggi doesn’t face 41-year-old Shane Mosley next, then we could be seeing a rematch between Khan and Malignaggi. I don’t see why the rematch would take place, because Khan already easily beat Malignaggi in 2010, but I guess it would be a safe fight for Khan because Malignaggi can’t punch.