Kambosos calls Haney a “rat” and “informant” ahead of Saturday’s fight on ESPN+

05/29/2022 - By Tim Compton - Comments

George Kambosos Jr. says he views Devin Haney as a “rat’ because of the inside information he supplied to him ahead of his fight last November against the former undisputed lightweight champion.

Kambosos (20-0, 10 KOs) isn’t saying how helpful the secret information was for him to defeat the previously unbeaten Teofimo Lopez to unseat him as the four-belt champion at lightweight.

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As sickly as Teofimo was going into that fight, Kambosos only needed to push a fast pace, and the battle was won, which is what he did.

WBC lightweight champion Haney (27-0, 15 KOs) and IBF/WBA/WBC Franchise/WBO champion Kambosos Jr (20-0, 10 KOs) meet next Saturday, June 4th on ESPN+ and ESPN at the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.

Kambosos choosing to OUT Haney by revealing that he’s given him tips makes him look hypocritical because he’s stabbing him in the back by bringing that out to the light in a shaming manner.

It would have been better for Kambosos to take the high road and keep that information secret. It’s always better to be classy.  What Kambosos is doing by ratting on Haney is a sign of separation, showing that he’s so worried that he’s willing to stoop to this level.

“I see a lot of nerves, and a young kid that doesn’t know what he got himself into,” said George Kambosos Jr. to Fight Hub TV when asked what he saw in Devin Haney’s eyes during his prolonged stare down on Sunday during their meeting with the press.

“Most of all, I see a rat, an informant, a rodent in his eyes,” Kambosos continued. “This is a guy that was going before I fought [Teofimo] Lopez and sending me information on him. That’s an informant; that’s a rat.

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“In my dictionary, that’s an exact rat, especially against a foreigner. Going behind your own countryman’s back [Teofimo] to do that, that’s a big no-no. That’s public enemy #1 right there.

“Wait until Lopez fights out. Teofimo, I’m sure you’ll be waiting for him after he lands in Vegas after I deal with him [next Saturday in Melbourne].

“He was giving me all this information about Lopez. ‘He’s smoking the hookah. He’s having problems with his wife; I’m hearing bad things with his wife.’

“Come on, man. This is the battle; this is the war. Of course, I’m going to accept whatever information I’m getting when I’m fighting Teofimo Lopez, but this is a guy [Haney] that is going behind his own countryman’s back.

“If an Australian was doing that to me behind my back, I know the whole country would be on his a**, and I’d be looking for him as well. Hey, you might have two fights to handle.

“I’ll destroy him, and I’m sure Lopez will be looking for him as well. It’s good fun. I’m manifested and visualized all of this for many years.

“For me, it’s cool, calm, and collected. I’m enjoying the moment, and I’m ready to fight right now. Just relax, stay sharp because everything is ready,” said Kambosos when asked what he plans on doing before this Saturday’s fight with Haney.

“I don’t need to overdo anything. If I’m looking to do anything extra now, then I’m not ready. But I’m 110% ready for the fight, and I’m ready for a war,” said Kambosos.

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