Josh Taylor responds to Teofimo Lopez Sr comments and talks Gervonta Davis

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Josh Taylor has dismissed a future meeting with Teofimo Lopez following his defeat to George Kambosos Jr.

Lopez was keen to move up to 140lbs to face undisputed champion, Taylor but was beaten on a split decision to Kambosos Jr in New York last month.

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Lopez’s trainer and father, Teofimo Lopez Sr said post-fight that the aim remained Taylor after having a fight at 140lbs first.

“We’re going to go up to 140lbs, get a fight in February, and then fight Josh Taylor,” Lopez Sr told Seconds Out.

“This doesn’t change anything.”

However, Taylor has rubbished the comments ahead of his clash with mandatory challenger, Jack Catterall on February 26 in Glasgow.

“Nonsense,” Taylor told Pro Boxing Fans in response to the comments.

“He can come up to 140, but he’s not getting the fight with me.

“He got beat up by George Kambosos. So what right does he have to come up and challenge me?

“He’s not got anything to offer on the table at 140 so what’s the point?

“Plus I would beat him up anyway, give him a good beating.”

The 30-year-old won the undisputed title in May, knocking down Jose Ramirez twice on route to a unanimous decision win in Las Vegas.

‘The Tartan Tornado’ has also been linked with a showdown with Gervonta Davis, who won the WBA ‘regular’ super lightweight title against Mario Barrios in June.

‘Tank’ defended his WBA ‘regular’ lightweight title with a unanimous decision victory over Isaac Cruz on Sunday and Taylor believes he would make easy work of the 27-year-old, but doubts that the fight will ever happen.

Asked if he thought they would ever fight, Taylor added: “If it’s there and there’s enough zeros on the pay packet then yeah, of course.

“I think it’s an easy fight for myself and a good payday.

“I think it’s a great fight, an easy win for me, but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

“I don’t think his management are going to put him in with any real threats of opponents who are beating him anyway, so forget about it.”

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  1. Truth is that Theos need a good trainer and promoter, first thing he needs to do is get rid of the rat father who is hurting him more than helping him with his big fat mouth. All he cares is about the kids money otherwise he would of got and bought his son a real promoter and trainer.

    • Such a great addition to the conversation. Why does he sound like a casual when it’s true. Out of the boxing “dads” right now he is the worst. Teo is always citing some bs at home as an excuse.

  2. Teo needs to work on his defense. He is all offense and if he does not take you out then he is going to get hit. He needs to work with reynoso or roach to get his defense going. The Davis fight is a clear example of defense. I hope davis gives Cruz a rematch! And teo needs a rematch with kombosos . Kombosos barely made it out of two rounds. No plan for teo and no defense.

    • I agree with you I don’t know why he act like he’s the truth in it he didn’t beat knock nobody out it was just teo wasn’t always up on this game but for him to say gevonte Davis is an easy fight for him you undisputed then fight anybody who come towards you

  3. Lopez is a big joke …dude needs a new trainer…stop talking about how great you are …be humble

  4. Please Teofimo was beating ass ! Knocking everyone out . If he had fought kombozo when they were suppose too kombozo would had been carried out in a stretcher! But that clown mayweather ! Had to use his hookups in boxing to change Teofimos date cause he’s another hater then that’s when Teo got covid the poor guy could have died cause he has asthma also .and to top it off he has family problems on top of everything else his personal life has become very stressful so come on stop the bull ! His medical problems are real and his devorce is real give the kid a break . He will be back stronger and better than before believe that ….

    • Do you realize how silly you sound as if it was Mayweather fault he lost. Plain and simply Lopez and his team took this guy lightly and paid the price. He should’ve just relinquished the titles kept his 0 and moved up and challenged Taylor


    • You are as delusional as Teofimo and his father. If he was such a big star why would you worry about Mayweather fighting the day after you and be worries that his weigh-in will attract more fans. What really happened was he had a good win against Loma and their heads blew up only to be deflated. Humble pie is a real thing

    • Teofemale will continue to be a joke. Could have fought Loma in a rematch. Wouldn’t do it. Could have fought Haney or Tank. Wouldn’t do it. Sat around long enough just talking instead of fighting so he got ordered to fight Kambosas – and thought he had an easy victory. When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong…..

    • Poor Teo had air in his lungs!!! Hold on…. Wait a minute… Everybody got air in their lungs. Poor Teo couldn’t sell tickets, poor Teo couldn’t out perform a retired fighter so his own promotion team changed the date not to compete with Mayweather. Poor Teo, his girl left him. If your a phony and a clown outside the house your a phony and a clown inside the house

    • Lopez is talented but a cry baby and no sportsmanship ! Bad example for young boxers

    • Not … he could knock out smaller Loma… he’s dune… Lopez is chump n in the rear view mirror getting smaller n smaller

    • Teofimo needs to work on his defense. He was pounding on everyone but you cannot fight top guys with hands down. He gets hit and if does not put away the fighter teo is going to get cut up. Teo would beat kombosos in a rematch because he learned a bit. Kombosos barely made out of two rounds where teo ran out of gas. DeFense!

  5. Lopez needs to fight lower ranked fighters at 140, why should he get a shot at the champ right away. He doesn’t have that coming

  6. Of course there doctor said that, excuses!!!! They probably paid the doctor to say that, he got beat fair and square against a fighter who was smaller then him, Kambosos is a natural 135, Lopez is a 140lb fighter fighting at 135lbs!!! LOPEZ IS OVERRATED

  7. You have to go through a battery of medical tests before you are approved to be medically cleared to fight…so i call B.S. on his excuse of why he got his Ass beat by the Australian.. Sore loser him and his pops.

  8. Truth was told. Teofimo Lopez has nothing to challenge with. He’s thinking of going up in weight to kick his wounds when in fact facing a Josh Taylor is only going to make matters much worse. The boy is going to be escorted by his delusional, eager dad to a depression bout and then when will be the next time Teofimo Lopez Jr. be seen in a ring? Better he take a couple of “saps” for tune ups and see if his power carried to deal with the heavier guys before he goes half cocked challenging the bigger digs on that porch…

    • Josh , whoever you fight has nothing to offer because you hold all the belts !!! You need to keep in mind for sure about what the doctor said concerning Teofimo Lopez !!! He fought with air in his chest and is lucky to be alive but yet he went 12 rounds. He will beat you at 140 and you know it !!! Somebody please make sure that message get to Josh Taylor !!#

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