Jermall Charlo reacts to Canelo making Saunders quit, calls him out

Jermall Charlo says he’s finally ready to give up his WBC middleweight title to move up to 168 to challenge WBA/WBC/WBO champ Canelo Alvarez for his titles after watching him force WBO belt-holder Billy Joe Saunders to quit on Saturday.

If Charlo is serious about wanting to take on Canelo, he’ll need to vacate his WBC 160-lb title and move up to 168 to get acclimated.

Canelo has big business in September against IBF super middleweight champion Caleb Plant, so he wouldn’t be available to fight Jermall until December or, more likely, 2022.

Charlo (31-0, 22 KOs) isn’t saying it, but what may have led to him suddenly showing interest in going up to 168 is how beatable and flawed Canelo (56-1-2 38 KOs) looked tonight against a very average Saunders (30-1, 14 KOs).

Saunders didn’t do anything special tonight, and yet he was fighting Canelo to a near standstill through the first seven rounds.

“F*** the money, f*** fame, and f*** the networks,” said Jermall Charlo on social media.

“I’ll lose my [WBC middleweight] title and got to 168 to make the fight [with Canelo] happen now. Boxing needs this fight to happen.”

The British fighter Saunders had to quit on his stool after round eight because he had suffered what appeared to be a bad right eye injury.

Billy Joe Saunders, Canelo Alvarez, Jermall Charlo - Boxing News

Billy Joe found out the hard way that it’s not a good idea to bend forward in front of Canelo in the eighth round.

Canelo took advantage of this mistake by Saunders in landing a right uppercut that landed cleanly on his right eye, resulting in the injury.

For Charlo to be taken seriously by Canelo or the boxing fans, he’s going to need to go up in weight and take the challenge given to him by David Benavidez, who has called him out.

If Charlo can beat former two-time WBC super middleweight champion Benavidez (24-0, 21 KOs), he’d show the fans that he’s for real and not just clout-chasing with Canelo.

Canelo didn’t look at all good tonight, and it’s unknown if this is a sign of age, ring wear or if he overtrained for the fight.

The way Canelo fought, he would have a lot of problems trying to beat Jermall because he throws a lot of punches, and he’s a lot more powerful than Saunders.

Billy Joe Saunders, Canelo Alvarez, Jermall Charlo - Boxing News

Moreover, Jermall isn’t going to make the same simple mistake that Saunders did by leaning over in front of Canelo. That’s not going to happen.

If Canelo wanted to give the boxing world an interesting fight in September, he’d delay his match against Plant and instead take on Charlo. That would be a much bigger fight than in Canelo faces Plant.

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  1. This article is laughable. Saunders is a good boxer. Of course haters will always change the narrative once their desired outcome doesn’t come to fruition.

  2. “Canelo didn’t look good at all tonight”… 😂. He won with a tko in round eight.. This is what elite boxers do. Moron.

    • Spence fights at 147, Crawford hasn’t even fought over light welter weight for either of them to move up to 168 wouldn’t be good …. Charlo would be better to fight then both Spence and Crawford

  3. Canelo is a Beast! Charlo better fight Benevidez first to gauge his standing st 168. If successful, yes, go for it but if Charlo doesn’t keep a “Consistent” Jab going and Superb Boxing skills for 12 rounds, he will lose!

  4. Hilarious . Who paid this guy to write this crap. The Charlie or PBC Boxing. Pretending to have a.pulse of what boxing fans want. Get your man Charlo to fight an elite boxer. He has hand me down/vacated titles. He is no better than BooBoo Andrade.

  5. Most of yous talk total bullocks about boxing. Canelo best boxer on this planet no shadow of doubt. Charlo???? Hahah hes got no chance in hell. Canelos power is like thunder….when he demolishs plant…he will be first ever undisputed super middleweight..ever..period. no one can go toe to toe in the trenches with canelo…. charlo and the rest will just dance about cause they got nothing on him. They are the cherry pickers 😂

    • Saunders was in an even fight till he made the mistake and canelo is good but beatable if Saunders doesn’t get hit it would have been s close fighy

  6. What a load of BS. You actually get paid to write this tripe? Canelo needed a great performance to finish Saunders. He was undefeated and very hard to hit. Great fight from both fighters, shame it didn’t go the distance

  7. I don’t know why you’ll keep coming for my man, he’s a silent beast & don’t do no lip service, he just whoop ass. Charlo better stay in lane , he don’t want no smoke from Canelo.

  8. I would rather see Terrance Crawford or Demetrious Andrade fight Canelo Alvarez. Both men have been silent warriors and have been waiting patiently for a shot at the “Big Show”! They deserve a shot more than anyone!

  9. Regardless of whom Canelo fought, Charlo can’t just come in and fight the champ. Take a fight at 168 first and if that pans out, then Canelo should give him a chance

  10. Charli makes for a boring fight. Both of them are overrated, and don’t have the power that people think they do.
    Against Canelo either would run around the ring like a spring chicken peppering shots here and there..

  11. Caramel is a joke !!! He’s been dodging good fighters for years.. All Caramels opponents; slow hands, slow movement, no power. That’s all Caramel fights. To bad Larry Merchant couldn’t interview him post fight, Larry would ask the tough questions; why not fight Charlo ? You claim to be the best but always fight club fighters to pad your record! What a joke !

  12. Canelo is champion strong fighter now the best on top
    The prof is there
    Talk is CHEAP

  13. Canelo would have to eat alot of tainted beef to beat charlo. He won’t take that fight. He gonna stick to fighting washed up dudes.

    • Washed up? Wow…. name one solid champion charlo had faced… just 1….crickets. STOP HATING ON THE BEST P4P!

  14. Charlo is just looking for a big payday he cant touch Canelo way out of his league i wont pay to watch that 3 rd knockout

  15. Canelo daddy wrote this article. Canelo looked great against a slick southpaw. Charlo isn’t slick, can he bang with Canelo is the question??? Canelo has fought bigger fighters who are champions, charlo isn’t fighting no one near canelo level. Take the Benavidez fight then you got canelo.

    • Who has Canelo fought that is bigger or stronger than Charlo? I’ll wait. Canelo has fought washed up old champs, and hasn’t fought the best in his division since Mayweather. He wouldn’t even face Benavidaz, but waited til after he lose his belt, to fight a dude who isn’t even in the top 5 coming off a lose 😂

  16. lol these people saying canelo hasn’t fought anybody is on crack Cotto, Moseley, Lara, Trout, Triple G, list goes on dudes know nothing of boxing

    • he lost to lara clearly. cotto?? old and washed just like every one else canelo fights. all flat footed old with ko losses or bums. canelo is the greatest cherry picker ever. well next to GGG

    • Cotton was over the hill so was mosley. Lara beat canelo alvarez but got robbed. Kovalev was over the hill. James Kirkland was so so and canelo lost to ggg the first fight and got jabbed to death in the rematch with ggg. Callum Smith was an unproven champion. Canelo alvarez barely beat trout. Saunders can’t hit for nothing so y is canelo alvarez getting credit for beating guys who are unproven undefeated champions or unproven champions or paper champions or fighters that don’t hit hard or over the hill use to be decent fighters.

  17. All off you think the same that you are going too win Canelo and at the end so far evrybody only talk and no results, is better too keep you mout close and be respectful and show wath you have up on the Ring.

    • Wow, read what you wrote. How can anyone take that serious. Canelo has earned his spot. He may be taking it a bit easy now. Is he beatable, yes he is. Is he a great champion, yes he is. He has won a couple I thought he lost but with that said dude is a stud. You can beat him but be prepared to work and take a shot or two.

  18. This must b Charlo uncle writing this article lol Canelo did everything he wanted ….if Charlo stops fighting Uber drivers and dishwashers maybe he would get the fight….Charlo first belt came at154 against a40 year old K9 bundrage and his 160 belt through email….definitely the easiest road in history to become a 2 division champ

  19. Charlo at a catch weight beats anybody except Benavidez . I believe this kid tool box is truly special 🏆 At this time of his young life drugs and lack of discipline are the only things holding him back

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