Jermall Charlo & Jose Benavidez go at it during virtual press conference

By Rob Smith - 11/07/2023 - Comments

Jose Benavidez Jr. & Jermall Charlo exchanged trash talk today during their virtual press conference to discuss their chief support bout on November 25th on Showtime pay-per-view.

Jermall was initially calm & quiet during the beginning of the press conference, but Benavidez Jr. got him angry to the point where he going for the throat with his remarks by the end, promising to do damage to him on November 25th.

It’s going to be interesting to see how well Jermall performs coming off a 2.5 year layoff since his last fight in 2021.

Charlo (32-0, 22 KOs) and Benavidez Jr. (28-2-1, 19 KOs) are fighting on the undercard of the David Benavidez vs. Demetrius Andrade card at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas.

Jermall Charlo: “He fought on August 12th against a dude that was 36-15, and he stopped him. Good job, Jose. You did great. You stopped somebody. You hadn’t knocked somebody out in six fights since 2018, and then you finally knocked out this dude with 36-15 out,” said Jermall during today’s virtual press conference for his fight with Jose Benavidez on November 25th.

Jose Benavidez Jr: “Why did you bring your belt. You should have brought your belt, no problem.”

Charlo: “Do you want to make a belt that we can fight for?”

Benavidez Jr: “It shouldn’t be a problem if I don’t hit hard and haven’t knocked anybody out since 2018.”

Charlo: “Shut up, clown. You haven’t knocked anybody out since 2018. Shut up, clown. 36-15, and he knocked him out. So what. I’m a professional combing back. I’m about to fight this little stepping stone.

“As soon as I get finished stepping on this stone, then I can put this title on the line. If not, I’m going to go up to 168. I’m not worried about the trophies.

“I’m still the champ no matter what. It’s not reason. If you want it, you can come get it tomorrow,” said Jermall when asked why he’s been hoarding the WBC middleweight belt. “My mental has caught up with my physical, so you should see the best of me.

“Physically, I’m naturally stronger, naturally bigger, naturally faster. I’ve been working on my speed and my head movement. A lot of things. I’ve been sparring some big guys, some strong fighters. I should be at the top of my game to blow this guy out.”

Benavidez Jr: “It doesn’t matter to fight for the title or not. I come to fight. Whoever they put in front of me, I’m going to fight. I’m definitely going to take this guy out.”

Jermall: “Does he think I’m one of these dudes that are 36-1? He thinks I’m 36-16.”

Benavidez Jr: “Can somebody give him a little bit of medicine because he’s looking a little.”

Jermall: “I’m just looking at you’re last opponent. 36-16.”

Benavidez Jr: “Look, I’m fighting you. You can make any excuses, crying on the videos.”

Jermall: “I ain’t crying on no videos. You’re going to be crying. You going to be crying, though.”

Benavidez Jr: “You ain’t going to see me cry? For what? You ain’t going to make me cry.”

Jermall: “I’m going to stand in the pocket and fight you, bro. Don’t run.”

Benavidez Jr: “I ain’t going to run. You’ve never seen me run. I don’t run in my fights, though.”

Jermall: “Don’t run. I”m going to stand right there. Your a** is going to get fought. Come see me. Don’t run. Don’t try and turn southpaw. Don’t try to do some awkward s**t. We going to take the gloves off and go to the streets. Whatever you want to do. You’re not like that. Keep talking. He’s going to write a check that his a** can’t cash.

Benavidez Jr: “He’s ready to fight. I’m ready to fight. He wants to talk s**t. I back my s**t up. I don’t cry. That’s all I have to say.”

Jermall: “It’s the same thing. It’s going to feel good to go in there and put these hands on that boy. He don’t know what he’s getting himself into. So let him talk. He says I talk s**t. No, I just respond to your s**t. So when I get in there, you’ve just got to show me. I’m about that life. Show me.”

Benavidez Jr: “If you were about that life, you wouldn’t be crying on Instagram. No, you’re not.”

Jermall: “I ain’t ever cried on Instagram. Show me.”

Benavidez Jr: “You didn’t press charges on Plant?”

Jermall: “You didn’t even see all that. You just saw one side of the story. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m going to whoop you, you’re brother, and I’m going to whoop Plant.

“You ain’t never been s**t. You weren’t s**t in the amateurs. You weren’t s**t in the pros. You’re whole career was trash. You underneath your brother. You’re little brother is way better than you.”

Brian Custer: “Jose, give these people that are watching this right now why they need to put down their hard-earned money to tune in to Showtime PPV to watch you fight Jermall Charlo. Give me the reason why I need to watch November 25th.”

Benavidez Jr: “It’s going to be a great show. There’s been a lot of trash talk. I’m not worried about it. I’m not worried about this f***ing clown. I’m ready to put a good show on and take this f***r out. That’s what I’m going to do.”

Custer: “People have wanted to see Jermall Charlo back in the ring. They now get to see you on November 25th, and you’re now taking on a world title challenger. Give me the main reason why people should pay their hard-earned money to watch you fight Jose Benavidez Jr. on November 25th.”

Jermall: “Watch me whoop the s**t out of this Jose hoe. I’m going to whip your a**. Watch. Keep running your mouth. I’m going to corner you’re a**, and I’m going to beat the living f**k out of you. Remember that. There ain’t s**t you can do about it. Keep that same energy when you see me, too.”

Benavidez Jr: “Just don’t start crying when I whip your a**.”

Jermall: “I ain’t going to say s**t. It means you’re the better man that night.”

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