Jarrell Miller talks possible Luis Ortiz fight in New York

By James Slater - 02/06/2017 - Comments

Brash, outspoken and unbeaten New York heavyweight Jarrell Miller, 18-0-1(16) says it’s “time to show my skills,” and the 28-year-old is relishing the idea of a fight with unbeaten Cuban southpaw Luis Ortiz to do just that. According to a news piece on Sky Sports, Ortiz’ promoter Eddie Hearn has been trying to get a fight in the US for Ortiz and April and May are possible months for an Ortiz-Miller clash.

And Miller, who has called out just about every major name in the heavyweight division, says he very much wants the Ortiz fight.

“I’ve been hearing about it for a while. Eddie Hearn reached out to my people and they said they wanted to put a deal together,” Miller told Sky Sports. “If it makes sense, we’ll definitely entertain it, if everybody is scared of Ortiz. Everybody at the top say they are scared of me. I’ve heard about it from people on Deontay Wilder’s team, from people on Ortiz’ team. I’ll be the first to tell you, I want the Ortiz fight. It seems a perfect time to show my skills.”

Miller, a huge and powerful-looking heavyweight (weighing as much as 280 in a fight) maintains he is “a different animal, a behemoth,” and that Ortiz has not fought anyone like him before. So, if this very interesting collision of a heavyweight match-up goes ahead, who wins? Ortiz is as powerful as he is skilled, while Miller is big, strong and hugely ambitious.

With all his colourful talk, it’s time to see just how good Miller really is, and a fight with Ortiz, 27-0(23) sounds like the perfect test. The winner of this fight would be very much in line for a deserved shot at a title. “Big Baby” Miller Vs. “King Kong” Ortiz: as the fictitious Apollo Creed might say, it sounds like a damn monster movie!

US TV would almost certainly pick this one up and the fans would tune in. A solid, 50-50-looking fight, this match-up could possibly give us one entertaining battle of big men. Let’s hope Hearn and co can get it made.