Jarrell Miller Being Looked At As Fury’s Next Foe; But Does “Big Baby” Deserve The Fight?

By James Slater - 06/17/2019 - Comments

Shamed drugs cheat Jarrell Miller, who insists he did not cheat, that he tested positive for those banned substances due to his being treated for an injured elbow, can box again in October – and already there is talk of a possible Tyson Fury-Miller match-up. Fury is likely to fight again on October 5th, with New York currently the frontrunning city in the U.S to host the fight, and Miller is in the frame.

Immediately upon hearing such a thing, the reaction is that this would be wholly unfair, with Miller not deserving of such a big fight and big payday – and what signal would this fight, if it happened as soon as four months from now (actually less than that) send out? It’s up to you if you believe Miller’s claims of innocence, but as he was going to fight Anthony Joshua on June 1, he will not have been punished too severely if he lands a Fury fight in October.

But whether you are in favour of it or not, the fight would sell – the two trash-talking heavyweights with the BIG personalities would assure that. And Miller says he can without a doubt restore his reputation.

“My suspension is up in September and I think October would be more of a great date and I wouldn’t mind October. I’d be ready for it if I got the shout from Top Rank, I’d take it straight away,” Miller said of a Fury fight, as quoted by The Independent. “I’ve had conversations with Bob Arum already so we’ll see. Hell yeah I can repair my reputation – I’m Big Baby Miller and I kick ass.”

As to what type of a fight this one would be is secondary to the question of whether or not Miller deserves such a big opportunity and so soon after flunking those tests. A “clean” Miller against Fury would have been a very interesting fight, yet now, if “Big Baby” gets his shot, chances are he will have to face the fury of the fans before he gets into the ring with Fury.