Jaron Ennis ready to dethrone Errol Spence Jr

By Jeepers Isaac - 12/14/2021 - Comments

Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis will be taking over the #1 spot as IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr’s number one contender for his belt after the previous #1 guy Kudratillo Abdukakhorov lost last Saturday night to Cody Crowley.

Ennis (28-0, 26 KOs) says he’s not sure if Spence (27-0, 21 KOs) will face him or vacate his IBF title to avoid the fight. But if he does agree to fight him, Boots Ennis believes he’ll knockout Spence to unseat him as the IBF champion.

Ennis, 24, has the same attitude about Spence as he does WBO welterweight champion Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford, who he views as being just as beatable if not more.

Spence hasn’t fought in a year since his 12 round unanimous decision victory over Danny Garcia in December 2020. That was Spence’s first fight since his car crash in October 2019, and he didn’t look especially sharp despite winning a conclusive decision.

Spence was supposed to have returned to the ring last August to defend against Manny Pacquiao, but an eye injury sustained in training foiled that fight.

Boots Ennis coming for Spence

If Ennis had made his bold predictions about Spence two years ago when Errol was still at the top of his game and fighting regularly, no one would have taken him seriously, but a lot has changed for him.

“I was actually trying to get the #1 guy. I don’t know what happened, but that was the guy I was trying to fight,” said Jaron Ennis to YSM Sports Media about #1 IBF contender Kudratillo Abdukakhorov, who was beaten last Saturday night by Cowdy Crowley by a 10 round unanimous decision in Carson, California.

Jaron Ennis ready to dethrone Errol Spence Jr

He lost and they’re going to make me #1 [with the IBF] or I got to fight for the #1 spot or something like that. I don’t know. It don’t matter,” said Boots Ennis.

“I feel like everything is falling in place. We’re almost there.,” said Ennis. “It don’t matter which route we go, but I’m the highest in the IBF, so that’s the route we’re going to go.

“Whatever presents itself first, it don’t matter. Me doing what I’ve always been doing and taking it to a different level.

“Being smart and not looking for a knockout and letting things come to me and putting on a beautiful show and finish the night with a knockout,” said Boots Ennis when asked how a fight between him and IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. will go.

“Honestly, I’m not sure. I don’t think nothing because anything he can do, I can do better,” said Ennis on what Spence can do that would make it a difficult fight for him.

“I’m bigger, faster, stronger, smarter,” Ennis said about Errol Spence. “He’s a great fighter, but right now, I’m on a whole different level. My mindset is on a whole different level,” said Ennis.

IBF title on the table for Boots

The IBF still hasn’t made Boots #1 yet at 147, but even when they, it’s he’s likely going to need to fight in a title eliminator for him to be made the mandatory.

If Boots Ennis is forced to fight a title eliminator for him to be made the IBF mandatory, it’ll be one of these highly ranked contenders:

Vergil Ortiz Jr.
Rashidi Ellis
Ivan Golub
Connor Benn
Karen Chukhadzhian
Keita Obara
Alexis Rocha
David Avanesyan
Florian Marku
Custio Clayton
Daniyar Yeleussinov
Aram Amirkhanyan

“I’m hungry right now, and I’m coming to take whatever they put on the table. That [IBF] belt is on the table, so I’m coming to take that,” said Ennis. “That’s what you got to do when you fight the champions. You got to go take that belt.

“Yeah, I’m in the same spot they were a few years ago, and they know how it is. They know how it feels,” said Ennis about the welterweight champions Spence, Terence Crawford, and Yordenis Ugas.

Jaron Ennis ready to dethrone Errol Spence Jr

“Nine times out of ten, they’re not going to want to fight me because they understand how hungry I am, and they know I want that belt. I’m coming and there’s nothing going to stop me.

“I’m not sure. That’s up to him and his team,” said Ennis when asked if he thinks Spence will fight him or vacate his IBF title if he’s ordered by the International Boxing Federation to defend against him next.

“We’re here, and willing to fight these guys Errol Spence, but that’s up to them. That’s what they do. They either fight me or vacate the [IBF] belt,” said Ennis.


48 thoughts on “Jaron Ennis ready to dethrone Errol Spence Jr”

  1. This guys fought 1 maybe 2 recognisable names in his career. If he feels ready for spence Jr then fair play but I don’t see it.

  2. I have to agree with Curt’s breakdown. Boots is something special, young, strong, high ring I Q, and he still is growing. Yes, he will be tested, but mentally, his preparation, will have him prepared. He’s a student of the game, with the old school attitude . You are watching a young craftsman, constantly perfecting his game. Yes ,he will be tested, by the best, but don’t be surprised how he responds, and the adjustments that he makes. My Philly young brother is on a WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL…🤲

  3. Not happening as far as Ennis or Spence against Bud Crawford. Crawford will walk over the two. He could even KO after a short cat/mouse play. En is is confident but untested with real champs. Spence is battled and injury scarred and his body shows the deterioration of time and shock. Bud Crawford is feared for a very good reason. He hasn’t sat shelved for long months at a time for any other reason than 147 is careful about facing him. Ennis can try but he’ll fail, and Spence does t stand a snowball’s chance in Iraq during mid day summer 🤨

    • You’ve lost your mind I see kinks in TC Spence will knock him out. Hehasnt face anyone with Spence high motor and boxing skills. I see Spence stopping him in 7 or 8 rounds. Yes I said it

    • How has hid body showed he has won every fight that being spence . People say anything onlinr.. he washed Garcia

  4. Truth of the matter…These three boxers are great at what they do but Spence is battle tested and he’s more fundamentally sound;Errol Spence is still in his prime and is trouble for anyone at 147.

  5. Jarron ennis is good but hasn’t fought the experience fighters that Spence and Crawford had fought think he beats Crawford Crawford is Chinny but e know Spence has a chin home ennis is a good fight either ennis put points Spence or Spence gets late stoppage those body shots and pressure burst pipes we don’t know what kind of chin ennis has yet

  6. Crawford beats Spence, Ennis beats Spence. The fight should be Ennis and Crawford. Spence is too slow and gets hit.
    The other two have too much talent

  7. Indeed Terence “Bud” Crawford is cut from a different cloth. You see Terence going “pound-for-pound” with his opponents…But it’s BUD that confuses their focus and eliminates his prey!

  8. Boots is going to clean the scene all the way to 160!!! Believe me, y’all gotta know he is not a normal Fighter.

    • True story I am excited as hell we finally have a real one a throwback fighter that’s hungry AZ hell and not scared.

  9. I see Boots as a problem but Spence will over come with ease. Spence will dog walk Crawford for sure

    • The lies you tell, Bud will smoke Spence by TKO!!! Boots get taken into those deep waters and gets drowned by TBC!!!!

    • Crawford’s punishments that’s why I spent his running from Crawford Crawford is way better fighter than stance really can’t take a hit it’s just a brawler that at the same time at the fight ever happens I give it to Crawford 10th round hands down

    • You must be from Texas talking nonsense like that. Spence couldn’t beat Bud or Boots BEFORE the accident. He BARELY beat Shawn Porter. You got him beating Bud Crawford and Boots Ennis AFTER the accident?! Yeah. Okay. Lol

    • What happens when Bud meets a fighter more comfortable at orthodox
      Than him! What happens when he can
      Pivot right around your right lead foot
      Opening you up to right hooks and straight right back up and get nail by
      A left hook or upper cut! Bud ain’t
      Comfortable orthodox! He hit Porter
      With left upper cut from a even stance
      Going Southpaw to righty bad move
      Lucky For Bud, Porter being the season pro kept his left foot inside
      Bud’s right lead foot all nite! Assuring
      His setup and knockout! This kid’s a
      Supreme switch hitter we will not see
      Another of his kind when he leaves. It
      Ain’t how Ennis fights these two Can
      They solve the angles he presents! That’s what is Thier problem! Crawford is the tougher fight !! Spence
      Feet are in quick sand that pivoting around his right lead nullifys his right
      Jab and it will ! Southpaws do not have
      Full jabs they lack full spread of -15 degree right a blind spot when Ennis
      Pivots around that jab quickly before it
      Gets back to shoulder Spence will be
      Eatting body shots and Right hooks that’s at long range outside if he fights
      Him inside he may stand a better chance Spence is not a inside fighter
      But he can, his problem in this fight
      If Ennis goes right handed outside
      and inside Spence is DIW !!THE ANGLES WILL HAVE HIM MOVING
      LIKE A MUMMY! Fight result ( Stoppage in late round!)😎Ennis Decision!!

  10. Bud is to smart for any of these guys his confidence reminds me of sugar ray every one of these guys will be put in there place once he’s done

  11. Crawford would beat both of these guys.
    Spence has never wanted the fight with Crawford.
    The Fans, want it, Crawford wants it, the money will be there.
    Unfortunately Spence, doesn’t want it.
    Ennis, would stop Spence. End of story

    • I don’t see Spence losing to Ennis. Spence will wear him down with pressure and body shots.

      I don’t understand why not fight Crawford though

    • Crawford for some lame reason doesn’t have the following so they can’t pay him what he wants. All the promoters said the same thing. None of them scared of each other that’s a fact. Money isn’t there or they would fight!!

  12. Ennis is very good. I see him destroying Spence, early stoppage.
    On the other hand , Crawford will beat both of these guys.
    Crawford and Spence, need to get it on. The fans want it, the money is there, but Spence’s heart is not there.

  13. Boots needs to face ugas or Thurman he needs a big time fight dude still ain’t showed me a darn thing.

    • U trippin! I see Jaron Ennis as a future undisputed champion for a while. He’ll beat Spence if they meet up.

    • Boots needs to fight someone else like Rashidi Ellis before boxing commission sends him up to rank #1 for the IBF title

    • Boots comes from a boxing family. Taking nothing from his brothers, but boots is the better all around boxer. He’ll either knockout or win by UD over Spence, and a possible split decision over Crawford.

      Philly in the building!!

  14. They need to go ahead and let Spence and Crawford duke it out. Then Boots fights the winner. Then Ugas fights the winner of Boots
    bout with either Spencer Crawford

    • I don’t see Bud and Spence duking anything out and have Boots awaiting the winner when both Crawford and Erroll are A-side fighters. Before that happens it’ll be a final four way where Spence fights Ugas and Bud fights Boots, then the winners go to the final championship. I’m a Spence fan all the way. He’s just one of those super hard hitting skinny guys that’s special! But I have my eye 👁️ in the young prospect coming up in the horizon named Shakur Stevenson.. Straight

  15. Man come on, we know Al won’t match Spence and Ennis. It’s the dumbing down of the professional fighter at PBC. They don’t care about the fans.

  16. My money is and always has been on
    Crawford. Yeah boy, this buds for you.
    Come get some! Spence don’t want his
    smoke! Boots on the other hand, like
    Bud said, Boots got skills!

    • Bud has been my favorite since he came on the scene. Boots is a PROBLEM. These are my 2 Favorite Fighter’s. Plus he’s from Philly, so I know what he’s made of. Like Crawford, Boots is cut from a different cloth. Honestly, I’m scared for Bud to fight Boots. I’d rather see either of them dethrone Spence first.

  17. First of all, Spence looked great giving Swift Garcia a beatdown; just look at Danny’s face. AND this fight came just after his near fatal wreck; there was no tune up. Boots will get closed out inside 8 rounds. Then they can make Spence-Crawford for Fall 2022.

    • Ennis all day two many skills sets power, smartness,savvy,ring gerneralship no weakness reminds me of a young ex champ Terry Norris!!!Jaron Ennis is Boxing future!!!!

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