James De Gale: “Floyd IS TBE”

British gold medal winning Olympian James De Gale, who travels to America next month to challenge Andre Dirrell for the vacant IBF 168lb title, hasn’t minced his words with his support for “Money”, telling Sky Sports there is only one outcome ahead of Saturday’s big fight.

“I’m a Mayweather man” said De Gale;

“It really is hard to bet against Floyd Mayweather. I actually think he’s a boxing genius. I think he’s achieved a whole heap in boxing and I think he probably don’t get enough credit for what he’s achieved.”

Talking about the enormity of this career-defining fight and the pressure on both fighters, “Chunky” said;

“I would probably say that Floyd Mayweather has got a lot more on the line. Pacquiao has got pressure on him though. Remember he boxes for his nation, he’s like a God in the Philippines.”

“I think Pacquiao can cause a lot of problems, with his feet and the amount of punches he throws. With the speed of his feet he uses so many angles to throw those punches.”

“But can Floyd Mayweather deal with it? I personally think that he can.”

Harlesden fighter De Gale, who will enter into the Dirrell fight next month a slight favourite in my eyes, concluded with his unadulterated appreciation of the undefeated American;

“Listen – I’m a Mayweather man. T….B….E – The best ever. I love him.”

It would seem De Gale is far from alone in that regard…

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