Floyd’s Buddies At The WWE Make Their Picks!

Perhaps one of the unique things about a fight as big as this is that it totally transcends the sport of boxing. Everybody has an opinion it would seem.

So close to the fight when it seems every detail has been gone through with a fine tooth comb already (many times) I thought it time for something a little light-hearted.

So to avoid writing about the next time either fighter takes a toilet break, or Manny’s entrance song (which is epic btw!) I thought a tongue-in-cheek look at what the over-the-top grapplers at World Wrestling Entertainment think of Saturday’s fight was in order!

Floyd has a personal friendship and association with COO Paul Levesque (aka Triple H) outside the ring, with the wrestling chief having previously been part of TMT entourage on numerous occasions, notably for the Miguel Cotto fight.

Floyd himself, ever the opportunist with regards to business and self-promotion also famously “knocked out” the Big Show at the WWE Wrestlemania 24 event in 2008 during his “retirement” from boxing.

Triple H whose admiration of Floyd stems not from his money but perhaps from knowing how best to make it, has said;

“His success as a boxer comes from knowing what really sells tickets is entertainment. You can be a great boxer and win a lot of fights and still have nobody really care about you that much. I think he gets that.”

They say success attracts success, and while it’s a safe bet Triple H is rooting for his buddy Floyd ahead of Saturday, a new tongue-in-cheek WWE video released via their YouTube today gave the opinions of a couple of the “other squared circle’s” biggest stars. Here is what they had to say about MayPac!!!;

(Presenter) Renee Young;

“Pacquiao’s the man. Because Mayweather’s been dodging this for a long time and I think he’s a lot of talk and not enough rock. I think Pacquiao is gonna go in and deliver. 100%”

The Miz;

“I would have either one of them 10 years ago! No, I’m gonna have to go with Mayweather. I just feel he’s gonna weave and duck out of everything.”

Zack Ryder;

“Mayweather. ‘Cause I took a picture with him backstage once and I guess that we’re friends? Broskis? He’s in the “Zack-Pack” maybe? Oh yeah and I like him on Facebook!!”


“Representing Sin City I’d be doing it er…. a dis-favour not to go with Floyd Mayweather. He has a mouth on him, he likes to flash his money but he has a work ethic that is unmatched and the people that work hard tend to get great results. So my money is on Mayweather only.”

Well there you go. Make of that what you will. If only it were good ol’ JR commentating on the fight Saturday?? His Wrestlemania calling of Floyd v The Big Show was legendary!

“Right hand!!!……Right hand!!” He screamed as Floyd “sparked” the giant out in what was an acting master-class!!

Pure entertainment.

“Money” Mayweather wouldn’t have it any other way!!

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