If Ward Fights Kovalev, He’s In Trouble says John David Jackson

Last night Sergey Kovalev was at his destructive best in Las Vegas, blowing away mandatory challenger Nadjib Mohammedi with consummate ease inside three one sided rounds.

After the fight, Kovalev’s promoter Kathy Duva stated her man will be out in November, in a big homecoming fight in Russia, possibly against countryman Artur Beterbiev, who they are eyeing as the potential opponent.

Prior to that assertion Duva had said provisional talks have taken place for Kovalev to fight California’s P4P star Andre Ward sometime next year, with the “S.O.G” looking at an eventual move to 175 lbs to hopefully take on the “Krusher”

Speaking to fighthype.com last night, Kovalev’s trainer John David Jackson said if that fight was to happen he could only see it going one way – insisting he sees “4 major mistakes” that Ward routinely makes when fighting, mistakes he believes Kovalev can exploit should they ever share a ring.

Referencing a prior conversation he had with Ward’s trainer Virgil Hunter, Jackson said;

“Virgil and I got into a bit of a verbal scrap three, almost four years ago, because I mentioned back then that if Sergey fought Ward he would knock Ward out. I guess Virgil heard it and he said ‘how have you got the nerve to mention your man in the breath, same as my man?’ (sic)

“I said ‘listen, I’ll tell you to your face he’d knock your man out and here is why I say that. (Darnell) Boone dropped him, he dropped Ward. Another guy hurt Ward bad.

“You think with one of Sergey’s shots, is he gonna be able to stand around with him? When Sergey gonna hit you he’ll change your whole perception of a fight.

“I like Ward, I like what he did at 168 but he makes 4 major mistakes in boxing.

Not one of them has been corrected and if he hasn’t corrected them by now, they ain’t never gonna correct them. I’m not gonna tell you what they are but he makes 4 major mistakes in boxing and a guy like Sergey can capitalise on all four of them.

“But if he fights Sergey he’s in trouble. He can’t keep Sergey off him, he ain’t got the firepower to keep Sergey off him. He gonna run, hold and grab the whole fight? He can’t do that. Sergey catches you everywhere. It’d be an interesting fight while it lasted but Sergey gonna win that fight, trust me.”

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