If Canelo Doesn’t Fight Either Guy Next, How About David Benavidez Vs. Jaime Munguia?

By James Slater - 01/28/2024 - Comments

Prior to last night’s fight, Jaime Munguia, via his promoter Oscar De La Hoya, said he’d “do what Canelo Alvarez couldn’t do, and KO John Ryder.” And Munguia was as good as his word, as good as De La Hoya’s word, last night in Phoenix. Although Munguia didn’t knock Ryder clean out, he did drop the brave Brit four times in scoring a TKO in round nine. And in light of this, perhaps one of Munguia’s most impressive ring performances to date in his now 43-0(34) pro career, the drum will continue to be banged loudly for that shot at Canelo.

Munguia, still only 27 years old and perhaps some fights/months from reaching his prime years, was respectful towards his countryman post-fight, with him saying it would “be an honor” to fight Canelo. But will Canelo, who is looking around for a dance partner for Cinco de Mayo weekend (May 4) agree to fight Munguia?

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There is some talk of Canelo perhaps fighting a second Charlo in a row, this Jermall; Canelo having won a wide, at times pretty dull decision over Jermell Charlo last time out, this in September of last year. There has been a collective groan from all fight fans who heard that this fight might be next for 33 year old Canelo. It’s just not a fight we want to see – Canelo against Munguia is, as is Canelo against David Benavidez.

Which brings us to the title of this article. If Canelo doesn’t agree to fight either Benavidez (who has been calling Canelo out as long or longer than has Munguia) or Munguia next, then how about the two unbeaten 168 pounders getting it on with each other? Not only is this a damn fine fight in the making, but the winner would have even more fan support (demand) as far as getting the shot at Canelo, currently 60-2-2(39).

Sure, it would be a risky fight for Munguia and for Benavidez, 28-0(24), but risks can be worth taking. And actually, Benavidez, who tuned in for Munguia-Ryder, has let it be known he was not impressed by Munguia, with him declaring how he would score an “easy” win over Munguia if he fought him (see article below by Chip Mitchell).

But would it be an easy fight/night for either Benavidez or Munguia if the two rumbled? I highly doubt it (as does Benavidez deep down). Let’s see what Canelo, a superstar with superstar privileges, does next, who he agrees to fight next.

But again, if it’s not Munguia or Benavidez that Canelop opts for, these two have a seemingly logical, and potentially thrilling fight to take as they wait. Who wouldn’t want to see Benavidez and Munguia fight!

As for Ryder, the tough-as-old-boots 35 year old may now have no real option other than retirement. Falling to 32-7(18) and being stopped for just the second time in his career, Ryder has had a good, proud ring career and he can go out with his head held high if he does decide to walk away. Ryder fought the best and he always gave his all.

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