“I don’t need tons of money” says Tyson Fury confirming retirement

04/27/2022 - By Michael Collins - Comments

Tyson Fury told Piers Morgan today that he’s “done” and that he’s made enough money in the sport, and he feels content with what he’s achieved during his boxing career.

They are pointing out that Fury is a hypocrite on social media because he used a good portion of his post-fight interview last Saturday night hyping an exhibition fight between him and UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou.

According to Teddy Atlas, that’s a match that could make Fury as much as $100 million. So it’s not about money for Fury, eh?

“This is the truth. I’m done,” said Tyson Fury to Piers Morgan Uncensored. “I’m happy, healthy, I’ve still got my brains, I can still talk, I’ve got plenty of money, success, fame, and glory. What more am I doing it for?

“A lot of people in this world, everything is about money, more money, and more money. I’ve got enough money; I’ve got enough of everything I need. I don’t need tons of money to impress everybody,” said Fury.

If it’s not about money for Fury, then, by all means, fight Ngannou for free and give the proceeds to charity. If it is about money for Fury, then it makes you wonder what the real reason for him retiring from boxing is. Why is Fury choosing to fight Ngannou?

The timing of Fury retiring undefeated as the WBC heavyweight champion is poor. It looks like he purposely chose to get out of the sport now to protect his ring record, which some fans view as inflated, from being marred by an embarrassing loss against the winner of the Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk rematch.

“Boxing is a very dangerous sport, and you can be taken out with one punch, as we’ve seen last Saturday night,” said Fury. “It may take one unlucky blow, and you may not get up off that canvas.

“I’m quitting while I’m ahead, only the second man in history to retire as an undefeated heavyweight champion. I’m very happy and content in the heart with what I’ve done and what I’ve achieved. It’s not about money for me, Piers,” said Fury.

Fury would receive less criticism from boxing fans if he told that he was worried sick about losing to Usyk or Joshua and didn’t want to take the risk of getting beaten by either of them.

That would play out better than Fury telling fans that he has enough money and then turning around and fighting Francis Ngannou in an exhibition boxing match that will earn him tons of dough.

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