Holyfield vs Tyson III “Signed, Sealed And Delivered” According To Zab Judah

According to former two-weight champ and good Mike Tyson buddy Zab Judah, we can all get ready for the next installment of two things: Tyson’s hugely successful exhibition tour, and the third fight in the Tyson-Evander Holyfield rivalry. Judah spoke with Metro.co.uk, and Zab said the fight is basically all done, with Tyson now “training every day and Evander training every day.”

If what Zab is saying is 100-percent legit – and there is no reason to doubt Judah – Tyson and Holyfield will soon be meeting in a ring some 24 years after they last fought. And we all know what happened back then, in the infamous “Bite Fight.” Now aged 54 and 58 respectively, Tyson and Holyfield will surely avoid any X-rated stuff in what will be billed as the trilogy fight (even if it will in actuality be an exhibition).

There has been word that this exhibition might take place in the Middle East, with Holyfield recently saying he feels the fight would generate something like $200 million. Who knows, maybe it will. Zab says the fight is a done deal.

“The fight is made, the fight is done, Mike Tyson versus Evander Holyfield part three, amazing,” Judah said. “Everything about that fight interests me, you just got to look at [fights] one and two and there’s no doubt why you wouldn’t want to watch number three, no doubt. The fight is signed, sealed and delivered and Mike is training every day and Evander is training every day and both men are coming in there to do their job, they are not playing, brother. It’s going down, it’s going to be real. It’s going to be a great fight for the third time. It’s going to be in Dubai, that’s what I’m hearing.”

Until we see an official announcement there will be no way of knowing how “real” the fight will be; if it actually happens at all. If the third bout does come off, it will surely be an exhibition affair, but maybe one without head-guards and maybe with smaller gloves than were used in the hugely successful Tyson-Roy Jones bout that took place in November (and pulled in approx 1.6 million PPV buys in the US).

Let’s face it, we WILL watch if Tyson, who is 0-2 against Holyfield, fights “The Real Deal” again. Some fans have grown tired of these currently all the rage exhibition gigs, while others, those who truly enjoyed Tyson-Jones, are thirsty for more. Notalgia sells and it sells big. Holyfield-Tyson III could dwarf Tyson-Jones.