Hearn Says Conor Benn – Manny Pacquiao Fight “Ready To Go”

03/20/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

For a fighter who is still to clear his good name in the opinion of many people, Conor Benn has plenty of options. Whether you are satisfied that the unbeaten welterweight did not knowingly take an illegal substance ahead of last year’s ultimately cancelled Chris Eubank Jr fight or not, Benn is back. Or he is soon to be back. And Benn seemingly has three big fights to choose from as far as his comeback goes.

Eddie Hearn, speaking with Fight Hub TV at the weekend, says Benn Vs. Manny Pacquiao is a fight that is “ready to go,” if Benn wants it. Pacquiao, Hearn said, “wants the fight badly.”

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“It’s whether we select that fight out of the three (that are open to Benn),” Hearn added.

Why the living legend that is Pac Man wants this fight badly at this stage of his career is something you would have to ask him. Pacquiao, 45 this year, has absolutely nothing to prove in the boxing ring, that much everyone knows.

But here, against a man who many still look at as a cheat, Manny is the guy asking for the fight? It should the other way around, surely. Benn should be counting his blessings that he has such a fight, against such a all-time special fighter, open to him, at this time or at any time in his career.

If Benn decides against the Pacquiao fight, he can fight Eubank Jr or Kell Brook instead. These two fights are UK fights, Hearn said, yet it seems certain, as in absolutely certain, that Benn’s next fight will NOT be in the UK – the controversial fighter is not licenced by the BBB of C.

So Benn will take his comeback show on the road, most likely to the Middle East. Maybe it will be Manny Pacquiao who is standing in the other corner. And, to put it bluntly, we all know who we will be rooting for on fight night if this fight does happen! Hearn says we can expect an official announcement on Benn’s return fight some time this week.

Will YOU pay to watch if Benn does fight superstar Manny?