Hearn: Maybe Fury retires after Joshua knocks him out

Eddie Hearn isn’t certain that Tyson Fury will be agreeable to fighting Anthony Joshua a second time after losing their first fight planned for July.

The Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn thinks there’s a possibility that the WBC heavyweight champion Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) may choose to retire.

With Fury, it’s hard to predict what his actions will be against his unification fight with IBF/WBA/WBO champion Joshua (24-1, 22 KOs).

Even if Fury wins, he’s someone that has reacted to winning by falling apart by partying too much and losing it.

But obviously, a brutally one-sided loss for Fury could do something to him mentally, especially if it’s 100 percent clear that Joshua is superior to him.

Hearn not sure Fury will want a rematch

“You’ll have to see if Fury will want a rematch [after he loses to Joshua],” said Hearn to iFL TV. “Maybe he’ll walk away from the sport after he gets stopped,” said Hearn.

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For Fury to walk away from a second monstrous payday gainst Joshua, it isn’t easy to believe he’ll do that.

You could make a case for Fury to retire in abject despair if he was totally clinically obliterated by AJ if there was little money to be made in a second fight. That’s not the case here, though.

Heck, it doesn’t even matter if Fury is blasted to smithereens by Joshua; the money will be so good that he’ll come back for more no matter how many times he’s battered.

When you’re talking about picking up $100 million per fight, Fury won’t mind picking himself up off the canvas and returning for a second helping against Joshua in December.

I’m sure Fury’s ego will take a big hit if Joshua destroys him in their first fight in July, but he’ll cry his way to the bank to make a deposit.

With the kind of dough that Fury can get for the rematch with Joshua, it’s not probable that he would be so depressed that he would retire rather than come back for a second payday.

Yes, Fury will likely be a royal basketcase after losing to Joshua, but the money that he can scoop up in the second clash will be too much for him to not take the rematch.

Saudi Arabia to host Joshua vs. Fury

According to Mark Kriegel of ESPN, Saudi Arabia is the host country for the Joshua vs. Fury fight. Both fighters and their teams have agreed to stage the fight in Saudi, and now they’re just waiting for the money.

It makes sense for the Joshua-Fury fight to be staged in Saudi, as that’s where the most money can be generated. Joshua has already fought in Saudi two years ago in his rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr, which he easily won.

The only downside of the Joshua vs. Fury fight taking place abroad is their fans in the UK and U.S won’t be able to see them without traveling easily.

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  1. Anthony joshua vs fury is a mirage , an illusion , as soon as you get close to it , it moves on .

  2. Sugar hill has been fired for suggesting fury fight with untampered gloves .
    He took the tampered gloves from the second Deontay Wilder fight with him .

  3. Kindly excuse the type o .
    Some of you understand and those that don’t understand nothing but absolute brute force .

  4. Hell ya h no fury like a woman’s schedule rn . The uk belt holders are like women . Effeminate and vendictfull , lacking accountability .
    Have the cowardly criminal fury fight Luis Ortiz , ( anthony joshua as well ) .
    The art of fighting with out fighting .
    Deontay Wilder has ended fury’s career without fighting .
    Almost all of you UK boxers and fans are a bunch of Europeans punks .
    The ones that aren’t won’t let fury fight ever again and won’t tolerate his insulting behavior anymore .

  5. This should be simple. AJ doesn’t punch as hard as Wilder. He’s not as fast as Wilder. Fury is more experienced and polished, especially under the brightest lights which this will be. Finally look at Fury today! He’s never looked better. AJ just doesn’t have the physical or mental tools for the job at hand

    • Wilder has a banging right hand but that’s it he can’t box aj is a more challenging fight for fury than wilder was fury will try to beat aj mentally but it won’t work and I believe aj will be the undisputed champion

    • Deontay Wilder was cheated with loaded gloves , you are absolutely correct a j isn’t as good as Deontay Wilder .

  6. Height – Fury (10) / AJ (9)
    Reach – Fury (10) / AJ (9)
    Clinch – Fury (10) / AJ (8)
    Jab – Fury (9) / AJ (8)
    On The Fly Adjustments – Fury (9) / AJ (7)
    Rematch Adjustments – Fury (10) / AJ (9)
    Movement – Fury (10) / AJ (8)
    Head Slip – Fury (8) / AJ (10)
    Power – Fury (8) / AJ (9)
    Punch Speed – Fury (8) / AJ (10)
    Footwork – Fury (9) / AJ (9)
    Accuracy – Fury (8) / AJ (9)
    Combinations – Fury (7) / AJ (10)
    Single Punching – Fury (9) / AJ (8)
    Finishing – Fury (8) / AJ (10)
    Chin – Fury (9) / AJ (8)
    Heart – Fury (10) / AJ (9)
    Recovery – Fury (10) / AJ (8)
    Strength – Fury (10) / AJ (10)
    Athleticism – Fury (8) / AJ (10)
    Fight IQ – Fury (10) / AJ (10)
    Patience – Fury 10) / AJ (9)
    Stamina – Fury (10) / AJ (9)
    Body Defense – Fury (7) / AJ (9)
    Body Durability – Fury (9) / AJ (9)
    Counter Punching – Fury (8) / AJ (10)
    Overall – Fury (234) / AJ (234)
    NOTE: AJ should win early rounds while Fury should win more middle and late rounds. AJ will be dangerous in early rounds and a second wind will make him dangerous again late. Fury has a chance to knockout AJ if enough is left in the tank after early onslaught from AJ tires himself out. Fury most likely wins by points in a decently close contest if he can make it the distance. AJ has more KO opportunities and most likely wins if he can finish the defensive expert with a lot of heart. If AJ can score 2 knockdowns to Fury’s 0, then AJ might slip in a close points decision or draw. Here’s the most likely scenarios in order by predictions.
    Prediction 1: Fury by points (25%)
    Prediction 2: Fury by late TKO (22%)
    Prediction 3: AJ by KO early (19%)
    Prediction 4: AJ by TKO late (13%)
    Prediction 5: Fury by KO mid (11%)
    Prediction 6: Draw (6%)
    Prediction 7: AJ by points (3%)
    Prediction 8 : Other (1%)
    Overall: Fury (58.5%) / AJ (35.5%) / Draw (6%) Fury most likely wins. If Fury wins or loses, his chances are good in a rematch.

    • Fury knock out AJ in 7or8rnd” I’m fury 101% I can’t wait to ring the bell” let’s get to rammmmmbbbblleee”👏👏👏

    • Deontay Wilder vs fury , then Deontay Wilder vs anthony joshua , then Deontay Wilder vs any mandatory contender’s .

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