Haye Vs. Fury News – Haye’s Trainer Adam Booth: “10,000 Tickets Sold In Three Hours”

By James Slater - 07/11/2013 - Comments

Heavyweight rivals David Haye and Tyson Fury continued their war of words on Sky Sports’ Ringside show tonight, just an hour or so after their heated press conference in London. The fight, one that Fury promoter Mick Hennessey is calling a “super-fight,” all set for Manchester on September 28th, is sure to attract a massive audience – with the pre-bout build-up already proving hugely entertaining.

Tonight on Sky (at approx 6.30PM UK time) in an indication of how much interest there is in the all-British heavyweight showdown, Haye’s trainer Adam Booth announced how 10,000 tickets have already been sold for Sept. 28th.

“Tickets have been on sale for around three hours now and we have already sold 10,000 tickets,” Booth said. “That’s more than any David Haye fight I’ve been involved in, including the Klitschko fight.”

Haye and Fury, sat apart and then next to each other later in the show, also had some great lines.

“You can’t argue with an idiot, because you‘ll lose on inexperience” Haye said

“Anyone who underestimates Tyson Fury is more stupid than anyone,” retorted Fury.

“I’ve never met a man I couldn’t beat,” Fury boasted said.

“You lost to David Price as an amateur,” Haye shot back.

“You swallowed [it] against Wlad [Klitschko] and you will swallow, or you’ll swallow your teeth against me anyway!,” Fury blasted

“He’s [Fury] funny, you can’t do anything but laugh,” Haye said, speaking to the Sky presenters.

“What happens after the 6th, when I get better?” Fury asked Haye

“If it goes past six-rounds you’ll have taken the biggest beating since Larry Holmes beat down Gerry Cooney,” Haye said.

“Are you gonna come and fight or are you gonna stink the place out?” Fury asked Haye

“You’ll find out on the night,” Haye replied.

“I sense a stinker,” Fury said.

“I’ll knock him out whenever I wanna knock him out,” Haye promised.

Booth, perhaps calmer and cooler than both fighters, further sold the show with the following comment:

“Their styles will gel for one explosive fight, a British version of Hagler-Hearns,” Booth said. Before adding that “speed kills.”

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