Gervonta Davis Posts Cryptic DM Exchange with Ryan Garcia

By Jeepers Isaac - 05/02/2024 - Comments

Gervonta Davis posted a DM conversation between him and Ryan Garcia today, talking about his positive drug tests for his fight with Devin Haney last April.

Tank told Ryan that he’s defending him, but if he finds that he cheated, he’s going to “beat tf out” of him. Ryan then told Tank that he didn’t cheat. Ryan suggested to Tank Davis they could have a rematch.

Such a fight would bring in tons of cash for both fighters, making fans forget about the PED scandal. The only thing that would prevent a Tank-Garcia rematch would be if Ryan is suspended for six months, but that’s not a big deal because Tank won’t be available until later this year.

He’s got a fight already booked against Frank Martin on June 15th, but after that, he’s free for a rematch with Ryan.

Ryan: “I Didn’t Cheat”

“You will see in the next coming days that I didn’t cheat. We can just run it again in a real fight, but nah, I didn’t cheat,” said Ryan.

If Ryan is correct about what he’s saying about him not cheating, it’s going to make Team Haney look bad, as they’re running on the assumptions that he’s dirty, and that his two positive tests for PEDs are valid for the April 27th fight.

Haney even put out a statement today, saying, “Ryan cheated” and “disrespected the sport.”

Rematch = Big Money, Short Memories

The reality is, no one cares about Haney’s lecturing message, and he’s going to look silly if Ryan proves it was all a mistake. Even if Ryan tested positive, the boxing public has a short memory.

No one is going to care about Ryan’s positive tests once he’s signed for a rematch with Tank Davis. A massive amount of fans are going to order that rematch on PPV, and it’s likely going to eclipse any of the fights this year in terms of money.

Fans forgot about Canelo Alvarez’s positive tests years ago, and they’ll do the same with Ryan. When a positive test has hurt a fighter’s career, it is when they either fight it for an extended amount of time like Conor Benn has or if they’re repeat offenders, like Jarrell Miller.


Gervonta Davis Posts Cryptic DM Exchange with Ryan Garcia