George Groves: “Ryder will shake up the world against Canelo”

By Vladimir S - 05/05/2023 - Comments

In an exclusive interview with, former WBA super-middleweight champion George Groves gave his prediction on the super-middleweight clash between Canelo Alvarez & John Ryder. When asked how the fight will go on Saturday, Groves responded:

“John Ryder’s been dealt a gift and I’m sure all the people around him will say the same; he’s got the chance to take on a pound-for-pound king. He’s the biggest draw and the biggest name in the game. So Ryder’s got a chance to go over there to the Lion’s Den and shake up the world….stranger things have happened. John Ryder is not someone to overlook or underestimate and I think Canelo’s team will know that. There will be confidence in the Ryder camp and I’m sure he’s got the right mindset. He knows this is his big chance and he’ll be given it his absolute all. He’s wired that way.”

Ryder can beat Canelo with ‘volume of punches’

Speaking to Groves goes into detail about how John Ryder can come away victorious against Canelo on Saturday night.

“If Ryder is to win this fight he’s going to need a high output and a big volume of punches. He’s going to have to try and dominate the rounds. You’re then thinking if he can’t stop Alvarez, getting a points decision in Mexico is going to be tough and he won’t want to leave it too close. I think the game plan from John Ryder needs to be; come out, start fast, be aggressive and try to box off that front foot and back Alvarez up.

In many ways both their styles match and don’t necessarily complement each other. So Ryder needs to close that distance like he did with Callum Smith and sit in the pocket and trade and try and do some damage downstairs, whack the arms, whack the body and then finish the exchanges and make sure he’s the last man to throw a punch at the end of each combination to catch the eyes of the judges.”

Ryder best British boxer Canelo has faced, better than BJS, Smith & Khan

Speaking on Ryder’s attributes and how he ranks in terms of British opponents Canelo has faced, Groves said;

“Ryder is a good athlete, he’s very strong and he converts that strength into very decent punch power and he’s neat and tidy. His footwork is good and he can close the distance down very quickly. With the power in his legs he can spring into range very rapidly and let his hands go. I predict it to be a better fight than any of Alvarez’s previous fights against British opponents. That includes Billie Joe Saunders and Callum Smith. Before that you’re talking about Ryan Rhodes and Matthew Hatton. Amir Khan was giving away way too much weight.”

50,000 home crowd in Guadalajara will be a ‘factor’ in the fight

Speaking on what it will be like for Ryder fighting in Canelo’s backyard on Saturday, Groves commented;

“You’re the away fighter in a stadium fight, go out there and do your thing. I think he has boxed in LA before, he boxed out of the States on a DAZN card but he would’ve been the favourite in that fight whereas usually when he’s been the away fighter it’s still been in London. This time he’s on the other side of the planet so that will be something to factor in. But I hope he’s managed to hit the ground running, continued his camp well and shocks the world on Saturday night.”

$200m worth Canelo might’ve lost the hunger & desire

When asked if the extremely wealthy Canelo might not have the same hunger in the fight-game anymore, Groves replied;

“It does make you wonder when, or if maybe, it’s going to catch up with Canelo. All the big fights and the big occasions, the money, the wealth and the fame that he’s accumulated… is the hunger and the desire going to still be there to the same extent? We’ll find out.”

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