Fury vs. Ngannou’s Overpriced PPV: Are We Paying for a Fight or Funding Their Next Vacation?

By Amy A Kaplan - 10/17/2023 - Comments

Are you ready to dive deep into your wallets this October 28th? Because Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou sure want you to. These two heavyweights are ready to fight—it out in Saudi Arabia, and the price tag to watch this “extravaganza” is as heavyweight as they come. For the low, low price of just £21.95 in the UK (cue the eye roll) and a staggering $79.99 in the US, you too can join the ranks of the privileged elite who can afford to witness this “historical moment” on TNT Sports Box Office and live on ESPN+ PPV, respectively.

Did they miss a memo or something? Last time I checked, charging people an arm and a leg didn’t involve an actual boxing match. But here we are. If this was a joke, I’d appreciate the punchline – but they seem dead serious. Maybe if we wait long enough, they’ll also start charging us for the air we breathe while watching.

Think about it. For the same amount, you could adopt a penguin, get about 20 fancy coffees (to stay awake during the fight, of course), or maybe even start a small farm. And in the US? $79.99? That’s a solid pair of sneakers or a decent date night. Instead, they’re asking us to blow it on what? Watching a UFC champ try to box like Logan Paul? That’s like paying top dollar to watch a cat play the piano. It’s absurdly entertaining for a minute, but soon you’re left wondering, “What was I thinking?”

The sales pitch here is hard to swallow. They’re selling us this showdown like it’s the must-see event of the century. Sure, Tyson Fury is the reigning WBC heavyweight champion, and yes, Francis Ngannou used to be the UFC’s top guy in the heavyweights, but let’s face it: this fight has ‘money grab’ written all over it.

I’m left scratching my head. C’mon, are we really buying into this?

Let’s break this down. Ngannou, previously wreaking havoc in the UFC division, is heading over to the boxing ring for the first time. And for his grand entrance, he’s chosen to fight against none other than Tyson Fury? Let’s be real, it’s like watching a reality TV star suddenly deciding to perform Shakespeare at the Globe. But I digress.

As for Fury, I miss the days when Fury’s name was synonymous with pure boxing talent, where each fight was about proving his talent and not fattening his wallet. But now? It’s hard to see past the dollar signs flashing in his eyes. Perhaps his next opponent should be a piggy bank—seems more his speed these days.

Sure, everyone deserves to earn their worth, but there’s a line between making a living and outright avarice. Sadly, it seems our dear Mr. Fury is dangerously close to the latter. Here’s hoping he finds his way back to the heart of the sport, rather than just the heart of his bank account.

John Fury Calls Mike Tyson A Traitor

Ngannou has apparently sought help from the former heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson. John Fury, Tyson’s dad and apparently not a fan of subtlety, has taken it upon himself to label Mike Tyson a ‘traitor’ for this alliance. Classic. To quote the respectable John Fury, “Mike Tyson, I’m going to the top of the tree. He’s a traitor, and I’ll tell him so in Saudi next week.” I guess someone’s not getting an invite to Thanksgiving dinner this year!

After catching a glimpse of Ngannou’s workout with Tyson, John Fury couldn’t help but voice his ever-so-candid opinion. He says, “I hope he’s kidding and this is all for fun. Because if not, he stands no chance. He’ll be out before he knows it. Probably Tyson’s fastest win.” And in case you were wondering if he had any more to add, he did, mentioning, “If that’s what he can show in a public workout, why even bother? It’s embarrassing.” Ouch.

Look, while the whole event might be exciting for some, let’s call it what it is – a grand show, more for the money than the sport. No hate to either fighter; they’re both great in their respective divisions. But this? This feels more like a dramatic episode from a reality TV series than an actual make-or-break fight.

So, as we all tune in on October 28, probably with a bucket of popcorn in hand, let’s remember one thing – boxing might be serious business, but this? To those behind this PPV pricing: Bravo! It takes some nerve to look at your audience and think, “They’ll pay anything!” But just a gentle reminder: just because you can charge that much doesn’t mean you should.

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