Fury Says He’ll Be An “18-Wheeler” In Wilder Three-Match, Wilder Says He’ll Be A “Freight Train”

By James Slater - 06/29/2021 - Comments

An 18-wheel truck going head-to-head with a freight train: which comes off worse? This is what we might get on July 24 when Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder collide in their third (and final?) fight. Fury as fans know has vowed to weigh in at 300 pounds for the upcoming fight, which would be a career-high weight for “The Gypsy King.”

Fury, the reigning WBC heavyweight champ, has also said he will “run over” Wilder. We have to wait and see whether or not Fury does indeed bulk up even further. But Wilder says that he himself is adding additional muscle and weight. Wilder – who was strangely silent at the recent press conference ahead of the third fight, saying hardly anything, opting instead to keep his headphones on and let trainer Malik Scott answer the questions and battle it out with Fury – has vowed to come into the fight like a “freight train.”

Wilder uploaded a message on social media a few hours ago, in which he wrote:

“You say you’re a semi-truck but I’m a freight train. Better get your weight up @Tyson_Fury. #FuryWilder3 #July24.”

With the message, there is a short video of Wilder lifting weights. Wilder does look to be in great physical shape, but how much additional weight can he carry and be effective in the ring? Wilder was very light for the first Fury fight, and then he bulked up to 231 pounds for the rematch. As we all know, it didn’t help him. Wilder can add upper body strength, maybe, but can he do anything about those skinny legs of his?

This fight, as silly as it sounds, may come down, at least in large part, to who has the stronger legs. Fury was able to push Wilder back in the second fight and plenty of fans are expecting him to be able to do the same thing next month. Or has Wilder got some plan up his sleeve? Wilder sure is working as hard as can be, or so it appears. Just what kind of a fight will we get on July 24?

It really will be interesting to see what both fighters weigh in at for this one. Career-high weights on both sides?