Fury hinting he’s ready to walk away in 3 days

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury sent out what appears to be a Tweet warning message today that three are three days left for the promoters for his July undisputed fight against IBF/WBA/WBO champion Anthony Joshua to find a site.

Although Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) didn’t directly come out and say that he’s walking away, it’s assumed that’s what he meant by saying three days are remaining to meet the April 10th deadline to get the venue.

Fury, 32, already signed a two-fight deal with Joshua (24-1, 22 KOs) for the two heavyweight champions to meet twice in 2021, but that deal will be null & void if a site deal isn’t agreed upon.

Fury can walk away if he chooses if Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie hearn fails to produce a venue by April 10th, but Eddie seems to believe they can go over.

In theory, they can, but if Fury is sick & tired of waiting around, he could, and they won’t be able to do anything about it. Fury has already been waiting over a year to get the fight with Joshua done, and he seems like he’s at the end of his rope.

If they can’t meet the deadline, we’ll see if Fury is willing to walk away from a $100 million+ payday that he’s expected to get for the fight with Joshua.

Anthony Joshua, Eddie Hearn, Tyson Fury - Boxing News

It’ll depend on how confident Fury is that he can continue winning long enough to restart negotiations with Joshua at a later date. If Fury gives up on the Joshua fight, he’ll be expected to run the gauntlet in fights against Deontay Wilder, Dillian Whyte, Andy Ruiz Jr, and Luis Ortiz.

Those will be tough fights for Fury, and he might not be able to count on winning by roughing up all of them the way he did with Wilder and Otto Wallin.

It’s not just Fury, though. If Joshua loses once or twice, then the money that Fury would have received fighting him will likely decrease.

Hearn told the AK & Barak show on DAZN that he’ll list Joshua and Fury’s choices at the end of this week. It’ll be up to them to decide on the choices he gives them.

This Friday is April 9th, which is one day away from the deadline on the 10th

Joshua has been quite clear that he would prefer the fight take place in the UK at Wembley Stadium, but unfortunately, the site fee likely wouldn’t be anywhere near to what is expected to be offered from one of the Middle East countries.


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  1. Watch boricua zionist nation utube channel by Daniel Pena
    ” Is tyson fury a fighting man or a macho man . “

  2. Hey Hollow Box,
    You’re reference to Deontay Wilder allegedly tried marijuana in his youth appears to be hypocritical .
    Did you know .
    1. In America , it used to be against the law not to cultivate marijuana ?
    2. George washington , Tomas Jefferson , Abraham Lincon , barrack Obama , bill Clinton all used marijuana ?
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    We all know who’s the stone cold compulsive hard drug addict , it is fury .

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      The Duponts then aquired the military contracts for rope , sails , parachutes , tents , clothing etc.
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      Those crooks are the same ones that fixed this fight for profit .
      May they all be damned to hell in the name of Jesus amen .

    • Nobody wants to see Luis Ortiz fight Deontay Wilder either because fury has moved on.
      Get over it .
      Deontay Wilder is done .
      A. J. fury is a done deal nifsaid

  3. A. J. is a great physical specimen and a well rounded personality , he is smart , and he is a great boxer .
    He just isn’t at the level that Deontay Wilder is . That’s why he doesn’t want to see Luis Ortiz le Deontay Wilder .
    He thinks he can’t whoop them .

  4. Walk away fury , better yet retire undefeated , you will look better on paper than the rock . In that way you can save face . What ever you do don’t fight Deontay Wilder because he will expose the truth for eternity that you are a cheat and a fraudulent interloping phoney .

  5. Deontay Wilder is demonicly possessed .
    When judge Stanley Allen Bastian rules for the trilogy , fury better buy a franchise belt or get out of town before sundown , there’s a new sheriff in town and he go by the name of Deontay Wilder .

  6. Billybongking ,
    Just smoke one joint a day.
    All that freedom is giving you perception that are inaccurate .

  7. fury can’t fight anyone can hit hard with bare knuckles and gloves loaded with metal egg weights .
    fury only knocked out 3 opponents .

    • Nobody wants to see Deontay Wilder vs fury 3 .
      Deontay Wilder lost twice , get over it .
      Deontay Wilder is done .
      Deontay Wilder is finished . End of story .

  8. Maricio Suliaman president of the WBC was quoted as saying the Deontay Wilder vs fury trilogy is set in stone .

  9. The arbitration judge Stanley Allen Bastian is ruling in the Deontay Wilder vs fury trilogy option rematch clause veracity .
    The option rematch clause was exercised before the expiration date Deontay Wilder has n fault in the right not happening .
    This is a certainty and the trilogy will be upheld .

    • Evidence of this fact is shown by the new September date eddie Hearns is crowing from the rooftops .
      The WBC has not received any paperwork petitioning for a voulentary title defense .

  10. Offer Deontay Wilder 30 million dollars to allow the 2 fabricated phony so called champions to bounce around the ring and pretend they’re the two best heavyweight boxers .

  11. fury only knocked out 3 of his opponents since the start of his professional boxing career .
    That sugar sure is a good trainer , I predict Deontay Wilder will be dropped repeatedly with the new power taught to him by the direct descendant of the great Emanuel.Stewart . May be rest in peace .

  12. Watch , ” boricua zionist nation utube channel . ”
    ” Is tyson fury a fighting man or a macho man ?.”

  13. What do you think fury will do when the arbitration judge Stanley Allen Bastian upholds the option rematch clause ?
    1. Vacate the belt again .
    2. Buy a franchise belt .
    3 . Rack the covit .
    4 . Have a fair fight with Deontay Wilder .
    5 . Fight Deontay Wilder but cheat again .

  14. I heard as long as the Deontay Wilder option rematch clause issue is still in ligation , fury is restrained from fighting , he can’t even talk about it .
    If it’s not resolved , will their be a law suit filed ?
    How long could that take ?

  15. Deontay Wilder has you so you can’t think .
    Deontay Wilder is truly demonicly possessed by the bronze bomber , there’s no telling what he is thinking .
    Terrible things .

  16. If Deontay Wilder sues , he should sue with a law firm that specializes in discrimination suits , discrimination because Deontay Wilder has not been aforded equal protection within the law .

  17. If arbitration fails to resolve this matter , Deontay Wilder should sue for damages and personal injury , punative damages alone should be in the tens of millions .

  18. Don’t be a Ninnyhammer .
    Deontay Wilder exercised the option clause for the rematch before the expiration date .

  19. Speaking of horsehair gloves .
    1. Maricio Suliaman president of the WBC owns the company that makes the tampered gloves .
    2. Manipulation of horsehair in gloves is a violation of the queensbury rules of boxing .
    3. fury shut down the camera .
    4. What they do is hit the wall to redistribute the horsehair exposing the bare knuckles .
    5. In that way , the gloves still weigh the same .
    6. Everyone knows what happened , that’s why this fixed fight is an inside job .

  20. fury doesn’t want to fight Deontay Wilder because he is fair to die .
    He likes it when he has a fixed fight with a crook for a ref , loaded gloves , and all .

  21. That’s why fury should be imprisoned , fined , and stripped of the belt as a public safety violation .

  22. The reason fury doesn’t want to fight Deontay Wilder is because Deontay Wilder said he would kill someone in the ring .
    Every year on the average 13 boxers lose their lives in the ring .
    Deontay Wilder is a powerful heavyweight and he has good reason to be angry .

  23. A. J. Wants to fight in the UK , then fight Deontay .Wilder because fury cheated in every fight and can’t ever fight in the UK again .

  24. Otto vallin really roughed up fury , he dotted his eye and crossed his t .
    That’s what happens when he has padding in his gloves .

  25. Deontay Wilder has you so you are afraid to move .
    Those guys are talking ambiguity , they don’t know what is going on . Their interviews are talking in circles . You can’t understand them .

  26. Deontay Wilder has a law suit ready to file in the event the arbitration is unable to resolve the dispute .
    If arbitration fails , Deontay Wilder can sue for breach . Deontay Wilder has held up the fury – a j. fight for 2 years almost . He could hold up the fight for 2 more years .
    Offer Deontay Wilder 30 million step aside money , maybe he will take the offer .

  27. Do you know who those board members are ?
    Harold letterman , Laila Ali , macho camacho jr. ,roy jones , and many more .

  28. Deontay Wilder is a canastonia new York international boxing Hall of famer , the board members of the international boxing Hall of fame committee recognized me. Deontay Wilder as the most successful heavyweight champion ever living or dead .

  29. Mr. Billy bong king ,
    I wanted to address your comment about the greatest heavyweight champion that ever lived Deontay Wilder .

  30. The Deontay Wilder vs fury rematch trilogy could be held at the staple center in Los Angeles to slightly lesson any further mafia mob influential interference .

  31. The MGM Grand was voted the best boxing venue in Las Vegas .
    fury got kick out of the U K for cheating . Now las Vegas is where he calls home .
    So the rematch trilogy could be held in that back yard .

  32. Madison square garden was voted the best ever boxing venue . 10 out of 10 .
    Deontay Wilder vs fury trilogy should be at madison square garden .

  33. It looked like Deontay Wilder was going to take the 10 million dollars to allow fury to fight , ( without any interference ) , a j before Deontay Wilder .

  34. This is just a glitch in heavyweight boxing , fury a j is being postponed so Deontay Wilder and fury will fight first .

  35. Mediation , arbitration litigation .
    Rematch Deontay Wilder .
    Deontay Wilder vs fury trilogy is the next fight .

  36. Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion ever living or dead .

    Deontay Wilder will retain his stolen , ( through no fault of his own ) , legendary reign .

    • You all need to wake up!DW is a chump. His big weapon was a big sloppy ass Haymaker! He fights like a high school kid!

  37. I agree with all of you.
    Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion ever living or nonliving .
    God bless Deontay Wilder.
    May god love and forgive fury for what he is .

  38. fury cheated with floppy gloves and should Deontay Wilder rematch , Deontay Wilders a better boxer .

  39. There’s a little bit of truth in all the comments but the real truth you don’t see until they’re in the ring. Stop the hating and fanboy BS and let’s all hope we get to see the fight.

    • Why is “negotiation” in so many different ways by so many fighters? The true old school fighters looked at all this garbage and just expected the deal is done once signed on paper. These latest two signed a 2 fight deal so their job now should be just preparing physically and mentally. That is if the deal signed was properly and not have back out clauses. Fighters they Fight and Managers and Promoters are the one’s to take care of the little details. Unless we the fans are watching this new “Fake signed deals” I am convinced that Fury is a entertainer before a fighter. Joshua is not but Eddie Hearn is a con man. He is awful trying to be a immatator of a promoter as we saw this before happen when Joshua was going to fight Wilder 3 years ago. Both fighters wanted to fight but the deal fell apart. Fury is in the same boat as Hearn. He is clearly mentally unstable as he proved after a VICTORY over Klitschko to become the linear champ only to blow it big time. He may blow this fight and find himself out in the cold. No AJ vs Fake Fury and we will get AJ vs Wilder as it should have been. Fury can only pick himself back up but his time will run out if these fights AJ vs Fury don’t happen now. He can’t wait too much longer until we have to declare him a joke and unstable. Stop disrespecting boxing or get out

  40. What do you call a boxer who has been told not to fight in the UK or be immediately investigated for use of steroids in an earlier match; what do you call a boxer who willfully signed to honor a contract that included a subsequent trilogy and then delays its reality in lieu of a ridiculous UK undisputed heavy weight match (ridiculous because Tyson cannot fight in the UK for fear of being instantly investigated by their doping agency ); what do you call a nervous boxer who has been taken to mediation and arbitration and the judge has not quickly discarded the charges/claims as frivilous and without merit; what do you call a boxer who cannot discipline himself away from the use of illegal drugs, alcohol and food binging; what do you call a boxer with pics from a reputable photographer with watermarks on them that clearly show tampered gloves on his hands; what do you call a boxer who knows he cannot win fairly so uses whatever he can to win at all costs; what do you call a boxer who lies about everything; what do you call a boxer who has no personal integrity, empty of self-respect or devoid of any moral fiber to do the right thing at the right time and for the right reason: Tyson Fury.

    • Only the idiotic believes that this fight with Joshua and Fury will happen because we know about the contract with Wilder that they claimed expired. We know that Fury’s team will try to avoid that fight by any means necessary after being caught red handed for having loaded gloves and other things. Its sad because the WBC and the Nevada athletic commision was just as guilty as Fury. But even if he tries to walk away from the sport to avoid Wilder there will be a very healthy price to pay and all who are involved will pay here shortly so stand by for what just might end the WBC for good.

    • A boxer that donated his whole purse to charity?A boxer that helps people with mental illnesses?A boxer that exsposed that bum deyonte wilder?A boxer that dethroned a klitzco whom reigned champ for years and years?

    • You little queen proper little Joshua cocksucker name the only heavy weight champion that’s undefeated hahahaha

  41. I hear y’all talk alot about wilder having no skill. But he defended that belt 10 time and fury has yet to do it once, and this is his second title reign. So it took some sort of skill to keep that belt I don’t care how he looks in the ring. So the more skilled fighter is the one with the resume to prove it, if wilder retired now he would be a hall of famer based on his resume. This is random but he (fury) dented a man skull with (padded) gloves, and summoned the strength of oden with punching power and still couldn’t knock that man out bum lol. He in for a payday against AJ and then you watch he gone retire and go back to cocaine and beer. all y’all fury fans are just as much of a joke as his career

    • Funny. You act like Wilders team didnt throw the towel in or he looked even decent in that last fight against Fury lol. U must be Wilders costume designer .

    • Actually in spite of being wrong on everything you wrote, you did manage to highlight the glaring problem in the heavyweight class today. NO TALENT!! Where even a one punch palooka like Wilder can beat 7 or 8 stiffs before running into a truly gifted boxer albeit one wirh very deep flaws and issues befote hes shownup aslittle more than a Joe Frazier with a little height

    • I’m not even a fury fan and I’m American and no Wilders resume is not hall of fame. Name one great fighter he fought on his resume stivern, arreiola, ortiz who by the way had to go the distance with a man named christian hammer who also took povetkin the distance but was knocked out by pillow fist fury lol. I don’t understand why wilder fans don’t look at the facts, he’s been knocked out before I love wilder but I’m not gonna act like the videos don’t exist he was knocked out in the amateurs by a Russian and hes been knocked out in sparring Klitschko being one of the men who knocked him out facts. So the guy has a tremendous punch but his jaw has always been suspect why they choose certain fighters to match him up with his management have done a great job with him if anything they deserve the hall of fame nod not him and the whole loaded gloves c’mon watch a Ali fight his gloves were the same he did the same slaps as fury where he got it from and Ali wasn’t no cheater he was the greatest but he fought dirty too. I would agree Fury’s a dirty fighter but not a cheater he ain’t no different from bernard hopkins they bend the rules but his gloves weren’t loaded believe me I want american champ and we will Jared Anderson get behind him Wilders sore loser .

    • Only ever fought bums first proper fighter beat him twice and he got bailed out in the first fight by judges

  42. Tyson Fury – this generations idea of the The Great White Dope. What a clown . Another most undeserving belt holder. 10/15 yrs ago the guy would of been a warm up fight for the champs of old. He is so lucky he came along later when boxing is weak in the hwt division. He’d a been meat for those guys back then. And yes I’m white, and he’s a joke. Timmy Morrison was our last hope and he plummeted hard and succumbed to addiction that lead to an early death. Such a shame. He’d a knocked Tyson Fury jnto next week. Can you imagine Holyfield or Mike Tyson taking on Fury. Omg they’d a put his career in the bucket. Sorry boxing is very weak in the hwt division these last 10yrs. Keep Hope Alive.. U F C has taken over the fans. Gotta admit those are some tough animals over there. Bar none. Try your clown act over there Tyson. They’d knock the taste out of your mouth permanently.

    • MJ@712
      I agree with you 💯% Sir.Tyson Fury wouldn’t last 6 rounds with the likes of Mike Tyson or Holy field.

    • You lost your mind ! He would be doing the same stuff not matter the time .
      Best ever !!! Only someone with no boxing knowledge would be stupid enough to think that

    • Ok, Fury Knocks out A.J in the late rounds and when Fury and Wilder fight for the 3rd time, Wilder wins easily, most likely by knock out, and Fury is my favorite boxer , I just can’t see anyone ever beating Wilder again, not in the next 4 or 5 years, after that he will be to old and hopefully he will retire and live off his interests from his money.

    • Tyson is a skilled boxer like it or not my hunger for a great brawler is not satisfied but I must give credit where it’s due ali used his brain n the ring I must say the same for fury

    • Holyfield and tyson are shrimps in a land of giants. Mike Tyson was 5’10” and 220 in his prime. Fury is 6’9” and last fought at 268lb. Lol, he would kill Mike tyson and Holyfield! They are both undersized for this era and no way they could compete! That’s fact. I’m 43, so I grew up during this era and watched all of their fights. Look at their completion back then. Mike Tyson ran through a bunch of jokers and then was beat by buster. Holyfield was the most talented of the bunch and he was a light heavy weight. Wilder would knock the likes of Michael Spinks into next week. Size and power matters. A lot!

  43. No one’s talking about how fury has never had a title defense ever. Also the 1st wilder and fury fight, Fury hit wilder more and cleaner that fight and did lil damage. Now the second fight he now has this newly source of power or should we say what we all know less source of padding. Why Fury ain’t do that to Otto? Bcuz he has no power. Born with power is wilder, who carries that 12 rounds as fury knows. The only way was to cheat. No padding plus 30lbs gain for the second fight. He didn’t try it against wallin bcuz he wanted to see if the weight made a difference, it didn’t. Instead he couldn’t really keep wallin off him. Sustaining a huge cut in the process. Also to maximize the power in the second fight they brought in sugar hill to show fury how to throw power shots as combos not just for points as he does usually. Now he knows he can’t cheat a 3rd fight and wilder will be more motivated reserving all his will for that night. Pickle jar ain’t big enough for fury. Joshua will get paid for the dive tho. It’s their story plot and nothings going to get in the way of them

    • You are mad if you think Wilder has a chance against Fury. Watch closely how he was dominated in both fights. Even Iron Mike will tell you Fury’s awkward style makes him hard to land a clean punch on an now with additional power in his hands he’s a dangerous man. Joshua is way too slow no need to take a dive he will never land on Fury.

    • I’m no Wilder’s nor Fury’s fan. I was pretty glad Fury knocked out Wilder because I don’t like him.
      But after seeing the evidence of damaged unpadded glove of Fury. It’s pretty clear he cheated.

    • I believe whole heartedly that Anthony Joshua took a dive against Andy Ruiz in the first fight
      Watch the fight again
      Joshua doesn’t look hurt at all and Ruiz looks shocked with Disbelief that he won, especially by Knockout

    • I’ve yet to see even Wilder make that claim about Furies gloves, seeing as how Wilders coach watched Fury get wrapped and gloves tied . Remmeber it was the costume being too much for Wilders skinny legs to manage lol.

    • Oh please. Stop with the cheating already Boxing commission won’t let that go this ain’t mexico quit hating man fury has skill and reach and executed his game plan with grace As the Greatest told me himself, it doesn’t matter who,s the better boxer if you get hit in the head it’s gonna sting and take the game right out of you

    • Your knowledge is pathetic you know nothing fury undefeated all the rest beaten easily Joshua by a little fat dude and wilder by fury twice just got lucky the judges helped him out in the first fight where he fought on the back foot second fight on the front foot that is why the shots were more damaging

  44. His tweet does not say or infer anything about 3 days or walking away. I am walking away from this article and this website for that matter. I am tired of terrible articles trashing my news feed with titles that only serve to make you click the link. We need an article rating system. For now… Blocked!

  45. Do y’all notice how all the Wilder fans sign anonymous! I think that’s funny!
    Not only is welder a coward so are his fans

    • Fury is a joke. We cañ see right through him. Dat punk all of sudden has power, there’s only one tyson cheater….

    • I agree with you brother they want to put tyson furry down but he’s the true champion mike tyson bites ears mohamed Alli ran around the ring the hole fight now we have a true champion Tyson Furry the real deal and they can’t stand it he will beat AJ NO PROUBLEM

    • Joshua got beat by a little fat Mexican fury will destroy any heavyweight stop with your hating and just admit fury is number 1 never been beat he’s the best

  46. It is impossible to tamper with gloves in this era.When the commission inspects and puts the gloves on and tapes them up Wilders people were there and after the fight the commission takes the gloves off the fighter to inspect them.Wilder is just a crybaby.First he said he lost because his costume was too heavy(what a joke,it was 40lbs),then someone tampered with the gloves,now he’s saying someone drugged his water.Just fade into the night crybaby.He doesn’t deserve another title shot.

    • Hey Buddy, go look at the McCracken fight I think that’s his name, he also accused Tyson of glove tampering, and one of his sparring partners said the same thing about Tyson.

      I don’t even like Wilder, but I know there’s other white men that agree with me, Fury is a fraud, and he makes White men look weak!!

      Why do white men always cheat blacks out of things.. And before you clap back with racist nonsense, yes I’m white!

    • Steve Lesnar ,
      It’s impossible to cheat and not have everyone knows it in this day and era , yes . Everyone knows fury cheated .
      So that proves the inside job was a fixed fight .

  47. Fury whooped wilders ass that second fight because he cheated. Everybody is forgetting about the glove issue

    • Don’t think Fury cheated; it’s a lame excuse. But I do think adherence to basic fact is important. If you discount the Wilder knockout by saying Fury won, how do you count the Fury knockout? They split the two fights, though I agree Fury is better.

    • Even tho Wilder is just a puncher he beat Ortiz(Kong) twice!! Wilder is an honorable man. He didn’t have to fight Fury the 1st or the 2nd time. He did it to help Fury because he was a druggie & he needed the money. Fury forgot. Plus their 2nd fight something was off about Wilder from the jump & i dont even think he knows the origin. That man equilibrium was all off out the gate & you can go back & watch all of Wilders fights he never looked that off. They need to make a trilogy & then the winner can go beat up on Joshua.

    • K Record, Wilder never knocked out Fury… they didn’t split the two fights at all, the first was a draw in which Fury should have had the decision, and the second Wilder caught a beating. What are you talking about?

  48. I think the champ should be the 1 who gets to choose where he wants to fight. That’s the blessing of being the champ. AJ is just trying to give himself as much time as he can to prepare for the fight. He knows he’s not ready yet. He got whipped the last time he fought Fury. He’s just a 1 punch fighter. Not a boxer, a puncher. Punchers don’t last long in boxing. Once they are exposed, they’re nothing. Fury exposed AJ.

  49. Hes ducking wilder.I think Fury would win but hes ducking wilder for some reason.He owes him that rematch.Wilder will be ready when he does.

    • The fight with Wilder should of happened already. He is dodging Wilder because a third fight would be different. If tyson does not take the fight, he will have to pay Wilder millions. There is some reason why tyson willing to lose millions. I think because he cheated… he cheated with klichco…he is ban to fight in the UK. For cheating…he is a cheat

    • If I was Fury, no way would I fight Wilder again after all that BS they pulled after the last fight saying he cheated and blah blah blah. Straight up garbage! Fury didnt cheat, Wilder tried real hard to hurt Furys image. Fury owes nothing to Wilder, Wilder should have took the L and fought another day. Instead a bunch of excuses and lies.

    • He isn’t ducking Wilder at all, if the Wilder camp stopped trying to push back the fight date over and over (cause it takes time to actually learn to box) the fight already would have happened. I wouldn’t wait that long either, I don’t blame Fury at all.

  50. Just wondering all these folks on here talking trash. how many fights they’ve had, betcha they’re weak ass punks living there dreams thru another. Just leave the tough talk alone and comment if they should fight or not

    • Just out of curiosity, how many fights have you had, though it’s not really relevant? If only Athletes got to comment on sports, there would be no professional sports. Fans make sports possible, and may have insights the athletes don’t.

    • First and Foremost all boxing is about is money .Money is made by publicity and a trilogy with Wilder only happens if they make you think Fury cheated .Second we all as boxing fans wanted Fury v Joshua before wilder wbo and others wanted their cuts first so they made them both fight mandatory fight Joshua lost because he wanted Fury and overlooked his fight both of them will be ready and both are the 2 best hvyw at this time ….

  51. Stop it all of you brainwashed mo fo’s,,there was nothing in fury gloves,Wilder lost fair and square. Wilders excuses gotta stop already.enough is enough.They sound as dumb as his dumb ass clown costume he wore into that fight looked.and what was that, his 3rd or 4th excuse..

    • The proof is clearly seen on video. Tyson is a cheat. If he beat wilder fairly, why not get a payday and honor the contract and beat him again and then fight joshua. He is dodging wilder. He cant win a fair fight.

    • How do you know? Or do you hope it’s not true? Because main stream is controlling what you think

    • At least three people have accused Tyson Fairy of glove tampering, he’s a cheat and he will be exposed as a whyte bum boxer very soon..

    • S ,
      Watch “, boricua zionist nation “, utube channel by Daniel Pena .
      Talk to him on line . You will get the proof you seek .
      1. This was an inside job
      2. This was a fixed fight
      3 . fury cheated with loaded gloves padding removal and horse hair repositioning . fury had an egg weight sticking out of the left glove and no padding in his right glove .

  52. Fury afraid to rematch Wilder. He been running for over a year not to return to fight the man he won the belt from. I really want to know why but after a whole Year. We all know why scared to lose the belt or the beat down he been running from since he won. Real heavyweight champions always give a rematch if he ain’t scared to fight the opponent within that year. Fury is afraid. Not a Real Heavyweight Champion. Give Wilder his rematch then go fight someone else. Coward

    • LOL Wilder got his ass kicked in both fights. If he would’nt have landed that Hail Mary right in the 12th of the first fight, he’d be 0-2 against Fury

    • Afraid? You’re insane. He beat Wilder with ease and it was Wilder running from the rematch clause not Fury. Trying to enforce the clause after it expires is a dead giveaway. You’re right, there is a coward alright and it’s definitely not Fury.

    • You must be on wilders payroll. He was absolutely out-classed in that fight. Ever since he knocked Tyson down, he hasn’t been the same boxer. Fury figured him out, whether it was emotion or brains he discovered he had to walk down wilder.
      Wilder doesn’t want that fight. He wants to say he wants that fight.

    • You have got to be kidding? He beat the breaks off Wilder. It wasn’t even competitive. Just because a white guy beat down wilder doesn’t mean you need to hate on him. I don’t see color just the best man won

    • You are delusional Fury beat Wilder twice he out boxed him then out punched him.

      There must have been a rematch between the two fights, one would think.

      I doubt there is much if any demand for Fury to fight someone he beat twice who only has a punchers chance of a hail Mary to win the fight.

    • Reality check, Wilder actually got beat in both fights, making nothing but excuses on why he lost, who would put up millions to see the same results, you can not continue to win fights on one big punch, Wilder fighting Fury again or Joshua, he best learn how to box, he needs a year or two to do that. Fury is doing the right thing go after Joshua two fights $100 million, Wilder fight Ruiz or Whyte he win then fight the winner of the 2nd Fury/Joshua winner

    • Why rematch someone who was lucky to get a draw and in “The Rematch” he got shown up. Wilder has an howitzer in his right hand but no plan B if it doesn’t work.He should be glad he earned what he earned already, go take on Andy Ruiz in the battle of the used to haves and then the winner can step back up to fight the Champ be it Fury or Joshua or whoever is the Champ by then.

    • Really? Scared….? Come on…! If Fury fights him again… he will finish him off. Imo Wilder needs a confidence booster fight or 2 to gain credibility and boost his ego to recover from that a$$ whooping he took from Fury…

    • Wilder will never beat Fury if he does not gain any or learn to actually fight that right is deadly but a real boxer nullified like Fury

    • Why move on? Money! He beat Wilder. Twice! Small payday compared to what her can earn fighting AJ. All economics.

  53. I agree with Fury, let’s be about the business of boxing/fighting and stop messing around! Fury fears no man!!!

    • Yes he do. Every Heavyweight Champion gave the X Champion his rematch within that same year. Fury been running over a year not to fight Wilder again. I say he’s a Coward who need to step aside if you don’t give Wilder his rematch. Or he be like Joe Frazier and lose as Foreman beat the rope off him , then the Greatest of them all Ali beat the Brakes off Foreman then allowed Frazier to fight him again but that wasn’t a rematch because he no longer had the Belt but Ali did. We all know the Coward name Fury. Dirty trick won’t passed through nobody no more. He has to straight up and fight.

    • Anon are you stupid?? Wilder was the one to afraid to step in the ring with fury he had the chance to sign the rematch clause and he didn’t. Plus who wants to see Wilder get beat for a 3rd time

  54. Listen. Wilder lost that fight because he didn’t train properly. He came into that fight thinking he was gonna destroy with the same training as he did for the 1st fight. Fury did what he was supposed to do as far as training and fighting that night. That man didn’t have anything in his gloves, those gloves and wraps are checked before the fight and can also be checked during the fight. Wilder was hard headed and didn’t roll with his team when they were training him for this fight, and he lost it fair and square. Fury didn’t allow Wilder to wind up with his Power Punch which he was trained to do.

  55. It’s as simple as this. Fury has laid it out clear as day that he is ready whenever and wherever. He has delivered this message to past opponents and always kept his word. AJ is no different. This fight is a must and I highly doubt it will never happen. I agree that this year it needs to happen.

  56. check this out the whole life of this world is only about making money just watch how fast prices are going up and every day u can notice it everywhere u go just watch it because they are going up faster and faster the world is running to fast for itself and eventually the whole world is going to sink u may not believe it but that’s the only way it can wind up is by rolling over on it’s back

  57. Tyson Fury conscious is eating him alive,the obvious speculation on him having something in his gloves during that wilder fight….Wilder is his biggest payday and it hurts he may well have to face wilder again

    • Fury’s “conscience” isn’t eating anything. Wilder is, and has ALWAYS, been a bum. He got rightfully exposed as soon as he fought someone who want scared of him.

    • What are you talking about? Wilder has been ducking Fury. Wilder kept stalling on the rematch. He wanted to get out of the fight but didn’t want to look like he was scared. If you are talking about Furies gloves, then you could say the same thing about Muhammad Ali’s. They are the same type of gloves. They react the same way.

    • Stfu moron Wilders camp was there when they took Furys gloves off. It’s in the rules. The boxing commission looks at gloves after the fights. You’re mad cause you’re black and so is Wilder and the white dude kicked his ass. You and your black friend anonymous need to get a room retards.

    • It is not speculation that fury’s left glove was loaded with egg weight sticking out .
      The evidence is on Daniel Penas ,” boricua zionist nation , ” utube channel .
      It’s in one of the older videos ,asl Daniel in the comment section where it is .
      And of course the right hand with the fingers visibly imprinted across the leather .

  58. AJ is definitely a paper champ, he is doing his best to avoid all the heavy hitters in the division.

  59. “Can’t do roadwork getting out from under satin sheets”. You seen what happens to Joshua when he leaves comfort zone. Furys honest and sees the fight game for what is. Promoters rule the roast and then burn away good fights.

  60. fury takes pride in what he did as a fighter but u can’t claim to be honorable on any level because u character as a dignified human being is corrupted and u have an ugly image of ur character as a person and a man and u really are only a coward how can people uphold this punk as a champion when he has to cheat to make his claim as a real boxing champ he’s hiding his other side as a chump

  61. It is sad boxing is purely a money making business now . The present day fighters are no good but spoilt lazy brats looking only for a good pay day with carefully chosen less formidable opponents they think they can beat and sometimes they are wrong and get whooped!!
    Remember the good old days of Liston, Ali , Frazier, Foreman, Norton, Ron lye, Ernie Shavers , George Chuvalo, Larry Holmes , Tyson, Holy Field, the Ukraine brothers and Lennox Luis.

    • All sports changed, not just boxing! Public schools forever teach that successful people are business people. We have brainwashed our country to think that money and possessions are being successful and not greedy. You want sport your going to have to turn off your tv.. I feel pity for unintelligent and sheepish athletes that think life’s a rap song.

    • Boxing has ALWAYS been about the money, back in the day the promoters were making more than the fighters!!! Now those fighters are broke and hurt. How can a promoter have more money than the boxer? I thinks it’s about time and I agree the fighters should take the money like there doing now!!

    • yes the boxers like ali Frazer Holmes Norton Tyson holyfield these guys were men that didn’t have to cheat just another lowly character trying steal some honor in his life when u can’t just steal it because as a man u know that you have to earn it and that’s the only way u can get it but in all actuality there’s a world full of people who think that they can get things by stealing them and there’s nothing honorable about claiming something as yours when really it’s not yours

  62. I see everyone here saying he’s scared ypi guys just comment to take space fight is going to happen

  63. Fury isn’t ducking anyone .If anyone is ducking a fight its Wilder. Wilder has had nothing but excuses for a rematch. Nobody can beat Fury right now. Fight anywhere lets get fighting. These fighters arent nothing compared to the old time fighters. The old time fighters would fight several times a year. Too many excuses. Fury the champ he should choose where the fight is.

    • Mr Bobby rennet do u honor what fury did to win that fight and if u do then what ur doing is saying that the image of a human being is okay even if they don’t earn their way that it’s okay to just take it anyway look this message is for people who have true character as a man just display so sort of image as a positive thinking man with a sense of respect as a man because nothing else will work

    • Yes I do agree with that statement if I was champ I would choose a venue that has the right compatibility suited especially for me since it’s my call; down in the valley on on the mountain top
      I’m gonna whip that but until you lay down or stop. People say Tyson fury has illegal tricks in his gloves (true or false you can’t prove that by me) but his style is so unpredictable and camaflauged that that his form can’t be predicated . He fights kinda like a drunk man off balance it seems; but ready to knock you out out.

    • You sound dumb dude. Last time I checked AJ is the champ with the most belts!! Go back and learn about boxing, you worst than uneducated casual boxing bums.

  64. If Tyson fury vs Joshua didn’t happen AJ vs Wilder didn’t also this is not fair for boxing . Trash scary cat ass

  65. Scared ass 😁😋😅 that is not fair for boxing … Trash they need to fight everything to prove

    • He wants the fight where he can get away with cheating again. Fury is a weak puncher and that’s the reason he needs to alter his gloves so he can hit fighters with his bare hands like he did with Wilder.

  66. No fighter is tough for the Gypsy King Warrior. Andy, Whyte, Ortiz and whatnot are all easy work. He will surely rough them up easily. He is too big for everybody, get it!

    • If he is so good then why did he have to cheat by putting something in his gloves in order to defeat wilder if u stand up to be for fury then u don’t have no type of honor either so in all actuality people that support fury as a true champion are just as corrupt as fury as is i don’t like cheaters in nothing because it makes things ugly and people shouldn’t support it

    • But hes not fighting them.. Hes playing around with arena deadlines.. Fight them and anywhere if hes so tough.. He lucky he woke up the first fight..

  67. Can’t get over Joshua wanting Wembley Arena…..hell all but maybe 4 of his fights were there.. Before he fought Ruiz at msg new york, most Americans had Neva heard of him, can’t have homecourt advantage all the time.

    • Not that really matter but he did say Wembley Stadium not Arena. I won’t happen in the UK because money talks and rules. However it would have been nice to have the undisputed heavy weight fight between the two Brits in the home country. Would be great for the fans and the atmosphere is be incredible.

    • Right it’s the only place he is comfortable fighting AJ is not a true champion.A champion fights anywhere.

    • How could most Americans have not heard of Joshua.. He was the heavyweight champ even before fighting Ruiz.. You don’t know what’s going on over here in the US boxing is what we do.. You see all those champions.. Mainly heavyweights in history.. 🇺🇸 no contest!

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