Nigel Benn vs Sakio Bika! – “It’s This One Fight And That’s it”

“I’ve Got The Body Of A 30 Year Old.”, “Roy Jones Wanted $10 Million”

Former 160 and 168 pound champion Nigel Benn today made it official at a press conference in London: he is coming back to fight Sakio Bika over ten rounds at light-heavyweight on November 23rd in Birmingham. Today’s presser, attended by a substantial amount of media outlets, also announced how fans can watch the fight at home – Benn Vs. Bika will go out on Epicentre TV for the pay-per-view price of £14.95.

It was surreal watching Benn talk and announce his plans today, almost like going back in time. Looking, it must be said, like a man many years his junior, Benn, if you didn’t know better, could be realistically thought of as a man of 35 or 38. And when asked the big question today: Why? As in whay are you coming back, at age 55, this after having had 23 long years out of the ring, Benn said it is because he “needs closure.”

Benn said he has undertaken the strictest of medical tests, “from head to toe – brain, heart, lungs, liver, you name it ,” and the former champ said the results came back as positive as can be. “They told me I have the body of a 30 year old,” Benn said today. Benn also said he understands the concerns people in the boxing world have over his decision to come back at such an advanged age, after such a long time out, and “The Dark Destroyer” said he has nothing against these people – the BBB of C included (Benn unable to get a licence there, instead being granted license to box by the British and Irish Boxing Authority).

Benn said the fight with Bika will be a one-fight deal, that after it he can go back “and spend time with my lovely wife and family.”

Bika was not the first opponent Benn looked at, but Chris Eubank was “a messer,” wasting time and not now being a person Benn wants to talk about. Steve Collins, the last man Benn fought, back in 1996, losing twice in a row to the Irishman, made too many demands, of a finacial nature mostly, Benn said today. While Roy Jones Junior asked for “silly money.” “He wanted ten million,” Benn said, either referring to £pounds or $dollars.

So it’s 40 year old, rough and tough Bika Benn will face just under two months from today in the fight dubbed “One More Fight For Closure.” Benn said he will set up camp in London and that he “promises” he will show us all how fit and capable to fight he really in on November 23.

We wish him good luck.