WBC pays tribute to Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr

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The World Boxing Council will pay tribute to superstar champions Mike Tyson and Roy Jones jr, who through their wondrous careers, have written with golden letters several chapters in the history books of the WBC and boxing in general.

Mike Tyson became the youngest fighter ever to win the heavyweight championship of the world, when at age of 20, he knocked out then champion Trevor Berbick in only two rounds, capturing The WBC Green and Gold Belt. Tyson reign was supreme, unifying the division. and went on to defend his championship on multiple occasions.

He regained his WBC championship by knocking out Frank Bruno in the third round . Tyson has been a major force in the sport and has influenced millions of persons from around the world to follow boxing.

Roy Jones Jr has been closely associated to The WBC since 1992 when he captured The WBC Continental Americas championship and Roy become WBC light heavyweight world champion in 1996.

He unified the division making multiple title defenses. Roy was pound for pound king for many years and was the dominant force of the 1990’s.

The WBC is honored to support their exhibition match scheduled for November 28 in which both will go into the ring with the admirable purpose of raising funds for charitable campaings in the “Front Line Battle “.

This exhibition match is sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission involving thorough medical examinations and with VADA performing the Clean Boxing Program out of competition antidoping testing to both.

The WBC has prepared a unique belt to commemorate this occasion. Each fighter will receive one, as a recognition of their innovative efforts to bring entertainment to the world with a great cause, during these very difficult and harsh times for humanity.

A fun innovation is also being organized for November 28th, as The WBC Remote Scoring System will be used to have three legendary champions score the exhibition, via specific criteria, to provide additional entertainment to the fans from around the world.

Freddie Roach: Mike Tyson will “swing for the fences” against Roy Jones

In an interview with Press Box PR Freddie Roach, who as you well know won several world titles with modern greats like Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto, as well as working with Tyson Fury for his bouts against Deontay Wilder, says that Mike Tyson does not know the meaning of an ‘exhibition’ and will “swing for the fences” against Roy Jones Jnr.

Meanwhile, arriving from the Philippines with bags full of potential and working under Roach, the press have dubbed Eumir Marcial “the new Manny Pacquiao”. Roach reveals to Press Box Pr: Marcial did not return home after his brother died, a testament (apparently) to his dedication to the sport.

Mike Tyson v Roy Jones – feeling towards this fight?

“I spoke with Mike Tyson about ten days ago and I told him he doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘exhibition.’ He laughed but he knew what I meant. Mike is an old school fighter who only has one gear – forward.

“And I know when that bell rings, Mike will be swinging for the fences. I think Mike knocks Roy Jones out. But I did warn Mike that Roy has to be careful of Roy’s left to the body. That’s the punch Roy used to knock out Virgil Hill.”

Please tell the UK about Eumir Marcial, one to watch?

“He sure is. Eumir hits really hard. He’s a very slick southpaw and a pleasure to train. He has a good work ethic, he works his tail off, and he soaks in everything he is taught.

“He speaks three or four different languages fluently. Very bright. Just a few days into camp, his brother passed away and he decided to stay in camp instead of going back to the Philippines for the funeral.

“I know he was hurting inside but that showed me his dedication to being the best. He wants to bring back Olympic gold and a world title belt back to the Philippines. He loves his country so much. He’s a gem.”

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