Freddie Roach Pleased With Manny Pacquiao’s Speed And Power In Sparring, Thinks He Will Outbox Spence

By James Slater - 08/05/2021 - Comments

You may have enjoyed watching Manny Pacquiao’s open workout yesterday. If you are a Manny fan (and who isn’t?), you may be even more optimistic about the 42-year-old’s chances in the fast-approaching fight with Errol Spence.

Ace-trainer Freddie Roach is certainly very happy with his charge and his performance in sparring.

Roach spoke with the media yesterday, and Freddie said the punching power and speed Pac Man showed was like “the old Manny Pacquiao of ten years ago.”

Roach says Manny did ten rounds of sparring yesterday and that he scored two knockdowns.

“He had probably his best sparring yesterday, we went ten rounds, and he got two knockdowns,” Freddie said. “It was the old Manny Pacquiao of ten years ago.

He’s not as big of a puncher usually at welterweight, but those knockdowns yesterday were a great boost for him. I told Manny that knocking down Keith Thurman early gave him a lot of momentum in that fight, and I’d like to see that again in this fight.

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Spence is a good boxer, but he’s a very good puncher. We know that when we get inside, we have to be smart getting back outside.

It has to be quick combinations and then out right away. I think Manny is going to outbox Spence. His foot speed is unbelievable and much better than his opponent’s.”

There is no doubt, Pacquiao is the faster fighter of the two, with both hands and feet, even if Spence is around a decade the younger man. Spence, though, is a very physically strong welterweight, a massive welterweight.

Which will prevail: speed or strength? It really is a fascinating fight, and we must applaud Pacquiao for wanting to take the biggest of the biggest challenges at this late stage in his incredible career.

Can Pacquiao come out fast and get to Spence early? Will Spence be able to walk Pacquiao down? How will the southpaw stance affect Pacquiao (last facing a lefty way back in 2008, this being David Diaz)?

How will the southpaw stance affect Spence? Sometimes, a southpaw Vs. southpaw fight can be dull, even ugly. Not too many people are predicting either scenario here, though.

Both welterweights are pushing themselves as hard as can be in the gym, and there is no question, both champions will be in tip-top condition on August 21.

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But this one looks like it will come down to game-plan, to who has the superior tactics – to who gets it right on the night.

Can Pacquiao outbox Spence, as Roach says? As so many experts have been saying over and over these past few weeks – Manny Pacquiao can never be written off or counted out.

Will this one be a distance fight, or will one man end up being stopped?

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11 thoughts on “Freddie Roach Pleased With Manny Pacquiao’s Speed And Power In Sparring, Thinks He Will Outbox Spence”

  1. I have seen Pac fight, Spence too but not like pac. I think pac will fight good n his speed will get him thru the 5th rd but Spence’s power n punches will start taking effect n that’s wen the BEAT DOWN will begin, Spence will win by decision, but I want PacMan 2 win!!!

  2. Manny has the heart of a lion, and the ferocity of a hyena, and the speed of a daredevil, and still hungry like a mongoose. This fight won’t be unpredictable, Manny will once again come out victorious.

  3. Spence is a better boxer than given credit for Esj attacks the body always which will slow pac down along with his leg cramps he’s always having. Although I think pac won the horn fight horn was able to muscle pac around and beat him up which I think esj will be like horn on turbo boost Pac down! Pac down! No decisions here

  4. Very big set of challenges for Pacquiao who is much older and much smaller than his opponent. Spence has two big weapons that will bother Pacquiao: his jab and his body shots. Pacquiao has to get around or under the jab while not getting strafed by the body shots as he darts in to deliver fast combinations. He can’t be be too defensive. He needs to outmaneuver and outwork Spence as he did much earlier in his career to De La Hoya and Margarito. Spence doesn’t have great head movement or foot movement. Pacquiao must find a way to take advantage of those two flaws in Spence. It will be hard going, though.

  5. They are both getting in 110 % condition for this fight. My main concern is Manny may overtrain and on the day of the event Manny will over shoot his peak of condition on the day of the fight.
    So what will come to is who will be the most gifted and talented boxer on that day? Who wants it the most?

  6. It amazes me how they think Pac can just have his way with Spence. Go back early in Spence’s career even as an amateur , he has faced and beat those juggernaut styles, his current fighting style is one that has been dictated by the opponents he’s faced.
    I love how you think it’s gonna be so easy , Freddy along with everyone else will be shocked and surprised , Spence will adapt and execute!


    • Maybe there will be flush knockdowns just like the Thurman fight but Spence may endure the punishments. UD for PAC.

  8. ManyPac has been my hero for many years, but Spence won’t be stopped or KO in 12. Unanimous desicion for ManPac!

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