Francis Hogan Scores First Round KO Over Vincent Floyd

02/13/2022 - By James Stillerman - Comments

 Undefeated twenty-one-year-old super welterweight prospect, Francis “Frank the Tank” Hogan, who was headlining his first main event, obtained a technical knockout over Vincent Floyd, as he unleashed a barrage of unanswered combinations on a defenseless Vincent Floyd, who was on the ropes, which prompted referee Gene Del Bianco to halt the fight at one minute and thirty-seven seconds in the first round. The former 2019 New England Golden Gloves champion scored his tenth knockout in ten fights (10-0, 10 KOs). It was his fourth first-round knockout. Floyd dropped to 4-12-1, 2 KOs.  

Photo: Emily Harney/Fightography

“St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” was promoted by Vertex Promotions from the Moseley’s On The Charles in Dedham, Massachusetts, in their first fight card of the year. Their next scheduled fight card is on May 14th at the Moseley’s On The Charles.

Lightweight Jonathan de Pina won a dominating six-round unanimous decision over Jonatan “El Guapo” Hernan Godoy on the judges’ three scorecards (60-54, 60-54, and 59-55), in the co-feature. He improved to 7-1, 4 KOs and won his third in a row. Herman Godoy fell to 5-13. de Pina out-worked and out-landed Herman Godoy and connected on more power shots. 

Joe Farina defeated Rynell Griffin via a six-round split decision (judge Daniel Fitzgerald scored it 58-56 for Griffin, but he was overruled by judges, Leo Gerstel and Jackie Morrell, who both scored it 60-53 for Farina) in a fight that did not appear to be that close. Farina dominated the welterweight bout as he aggressively stalked Griffin around the ring and landed just about whatever he threw, while Griffin did not offer much of anything offensively, especially after the first minute of each round. Farina knocked Griffin down in the fifth from a left, right hook to Griffin’s body. Farina improved to 8-1, 4 KOs in his first fight in two and a half years. He has won four in a row. Griffin dropped to 8-50-2, 2 KOs.

Jaica Pivilus obtained an upset six-round majority decision over Miranda “El Alacrana” Reyes (judge Leo Gerstel scored it 57-57, while judges Daniel Fitzgerald and Jackie Morrell scored it 60-54 and 58-56, respectively) in the fight-of-the-night. This was the first-ever female bout in Dedham. Pivilus improved to 2-4-1, 1 KO. Reyes, who is only twenty-year-old, sustained her first loss (5-1-1, 3 KOs). This was an action-packed, extremely competitive super lightweight bout, in which both fighters threw and landed non-stop punches. This was an extremely difficult fight to score and it could have gone either way, as the momentum swung back-and-forth throughout the bout.

The former four-time USA Boxing New England Championship winner and four-time New England Golden Gloves titleholder, James “The Slim Reaper” Perella scored four knockouts en route to a second-round technical knockout over Zack Kuhn. The welterweight prospect knocked Kuhn down twice in the first via right hooks to Kuhn’s head and two more in the second from a right hook and then a short right, both to Kuhn’s head. After the fourth knockdown, referee Del Bianco had seen enough and stopped the bout at fifty-one seconds. Perella kept his undefeated record intact (10-0, 7 KOs). It was his third knockout in his last four bouts. Kuhn dropped to 10-11-1, 5 KOs.

Troy Anderson Jr. won an entertaining six-round unanimous decision over Mike Fowler on the judges’ three scorecards (60-54, 59-54, and 59-54). The former 2016 Rocky Marciano Tournament of Champions titleholder upped his record to 4-0, 2 KOs. Fowler dropped to 7-43, 2 KOs, but is a lot better than his record indicates. This was an action-packed featherweight bout where both fighters threw non-stop punches, but Anderson got the better of the exchanges, landed more shots, and connected on more power punches, especially in the second half of the fight. Anderson’s next bout is scheduled for May 14th. 

Marcus Davidson obtained his third consecutive first-round knockout (3-0, 3 KOs) as referee Del Bianco stopped the super lightweight bout at two minutes and eleven seconds after Davidson knocked Rakim Johnson down for the second time and Johnson was extremely slow to get up off the canvas. Davidson dropped Johnson from a left hook and then a right hook, both to Johnson’s head. Johnson fell to 6-16-1, 5 KOs.

The highly touted amateur standout, Thomas “The Kid” O’ Toole dominated Larry “Hitman” Pryor en route to a six-round unanimous decision, in which he won every round on all three judges’ scorecards (60-54, 60-54, and 60-54). O’ Toole kept his unbeaten record intact (3-0, 2 KOs). Pryor dropped to 15-25, 9 KOs. He had won four of his last six bouts. The former 2019 Irish National Elite Championships winner out-worked and out-landed Pryor and connected on just about whatever he threw in this one-sided bout that was fought at a catchweight of 187-pounds.

Alex Rivera made quick work of Brandon Grimmett as he scored two knockdowns, one right after the other, which prompted referee Del Bianco to stop the featherweight fight at two minutes and forty-two seconds in the first round. Rivera knocked Grimmett down from a left hook and then a left, right hook, both to Grimmett’s body. Rivera improved to 3-0, 2 KOs with the technical knockout. Grimmett fell to 0-6.

The former two-time Ringside World Championships titleholder and 2019 National Golden Gloves champion, Marcell Davidson (his younger brother is Marcus) made a successful professional debut (1-0), as he defeated Cesar “Cobra” Espinal Maldonado via a four-round unanimous decision on all three judges’ scorecards (40-36, 40-36, and 39-37), in the featherweight bout. Maldonado dropped to 0-2.