Floyd Mayweather training on heavy bag, not looking that good

05/17/2021 - By Jeff Sorby - Comments

Floyd Mayweather Jr didn’t look good in a video of him posted on social media on Monday as he trains for his eight-round exhibition match against Logan Paul.

The former five-division world champion Mayweather will be taking on YouTuber Logan Paul on Showtime pay-per-view at the hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

It’s unclear how hard Mayweather has trained for this fight because he didn’t look in fighting shape today.

If Mayweather wins this fight, he should think really hard before considering taking on Logan’s brother Jake Paul because there’s a good chance he’ll lose that fight.

Jake hit really hard, and he would be able to last long enough for him to land some massive shots that would potentially do a number on Floyd.

He may be taking this fight against the much bigger 6’1′ Logan for granted due to him facing a guy that doesn’t come from a boxing background, but you never know.

As old as Mayweather is now looking, it may not matter that Logan is a newbie to the sport.

The 44-year-old Mayweather, now sporting hair and a beard, looked slow, old, and weak in a short video clip.  Fans joked that Mayweather looked like he just climbed a dumpster to workout, as he really looks unkempt with his hair and beard.

“This fight means so much to my fans, to my family, to everyone watching who thought they couldn’t do something in life,” said Logan Paul to Sky Sports.

That’s the energy I’m going in with. I have nothing to lose. Literally, I have nothing to lose.

“So when you have a guy coming into the ring with that energy? And a guy who has everything to lose? As a grandad? I’m nervous for him!”

If Logan’s stamina can hold up, he’s got a chance of beating Mayweather with his size, power, and youth advantage. Mayweather has let himself go in the last four years since his victory over UFC star Conor Mcgregor in 2017.

Even in that fight, Mayweather didn’t look good. He got the win because McGregor was so bad.

YouTube video

Logan has a chance in this fight if he can go after Mayweather and put his hands on him. Mayweather hasn’t been training as hard as he should have for him to look this bad.

“He has a huge following,” Mayweather said. “Big guy, strong guy.

“This is fun, it’s entertaining. It’s all about entertainment. On social media, he entertains the people.”