Floyd Mayweather training on heavy bag, not looking that good

Floyd Mayweather Jr didn’t look good in a video of him posted on social media on Monday as he trains for his eight-round exhibition match against Logan Paul.

The former five-division world champion Mayweather will be taking on YouTuber Logan Paul on Showtime pay-per-view at the hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

It’s unclear how hard Mayweather has trained for this fight because he didn’t look in fighting shape today.

If Mayweather wins this fight, he should think really hard before considering taking on Logan’s brother Jake Paul because there’s a good chance he’ll lose that fight.

Jake hit really hard, and he would be able to last long enough for him to land some massive shots that would potentially do a number on Floyd.

He may be taking this fight against the much bigger 6’1′ Logan for granted due to him facing a guy that doesn’t come from a boxing background, but you never know.

As old as Mayweather is now looking, it may not matter that Logan is a newbie to the sport.

The 44-year-old Mayweather, now sporting hair and a beard, looked slow, old, and weak in a short video clip.  Fans joked that Mayweather looked like he just climbed a dumpster to workout, as he really looks unkempt with his hair and beard.

“This fight means so much to my fans, to my family, to everyone watching who thought they couldn’t do something in life,” said Logan Paul to Sky Sports.

That’s the energy I’m going in with. I have nothing to lose. Literally, I have nothing to lose.

“So when you have a guy coming into the ring with that energy? And a guy who has everything to lose? As a grandad? I’m nervous for him!”

If Logan’s stamina can hold up, he’s got a chance of beating Mayweather with his size, power, and youth advantage. Mayweather has let himself go in the last four years since his victory over UFC star Conor Mcgregor in 2017.

Even in that fight, Mayweather didn’t look good. He got the win because McGregor was so bad.

Logan has a chance in this fight if he can go after Mayweather and put his hands on him. Mayweather hasn’t been training as hard as he should have for him to look this bad.

“He has a huge following,” Mayweather said. “Big guy, strong guy.

“This is fun, it’s entertaining. It’s all about entertainment. On social media, he entertains the people.”

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  1. Read the article and then watched the clip. This is poor, sloppy, inaccurate writing. I’m no Mayweather fan, having cheered only once for him ( McGregor…. which by the way he did not struggle in). But either the writer is trolling here or sadly just doesn’t under many aspects of boxing, training and history.

  2. This article is stupid. Mayweather looks fine and he is going to be ready for the match. These people don’t know boxing.

  3. If Mayweather was smart he’d bet it all on Logan an take dive . Then get the hype train rolling for a real sanctioned rematch where logan drops some weight Mayweather gains a few lbs an we have a guaranteed best ppv seller especially if Floyd puts his record on the line!!

    • Mayweather losing to either of the Logans, either you forgot who was the professional fighter, or don’t know a damn thing about boxing!

    • its an exhibition fight, no one is putting theire record on the line and i would not be suprised if it was another fixed fight like the Japanese fighter he faught.

  4. Is this written by one of those Paul boys, Or is written by one of Paul’s boy. Sensationalism at its worse.

    • Exactly, most guys of Floyd’s age ain’t gonna risk knackering their shoulders up on a heavy bag by whacking it… it’s how he’s lasted so long. Pad work is where ya can see the speed

  5. They need to stop hating on my boy Floyd you know it ain’t going back to beat that white boy ass.

    • What he needs is to start smoking a pipe he look like a crackhead look at his hair look at his body so skinny he look like he just came out on the shooting Godey LOL

    • Yo why u gotta be an embarrassment saying dumb sh@# out your mouth. Then wanna turn around saying white people racist when mofos like you start that sh$@ bringing race into it SMH

  6. What idiot wrote this article? He obviously doesn’t know anything about boxing. Then says Jake can beat May…smh

  7. Mayweather playing coy…..all his skills are intact….logan is going to get brutalized….My prediction for the fight???……”PAIN”……..on another note….Jake never take a mans hat that hasn’t had a haircut in months……😁

  8. I can’t wait till @loganpaul knock,s out floyed it’s gonna be the best fight ever logang 4life

  9. Clearly Floyd will lose. It’s all about the money. He will lose NY taking a fall around the 2nd maybe 3rd round. Then he will call for a rematch to make more money. Like who doesn’t know this.
    I don’t have much money but I’m betting what I do have on the You Tuber. 1000 buck investment will probably win 6000 bucks I guess. 6 to 1 odds..

    • No your wrong he’s a champion if he was going to take a dive he wouldn’t be famous

  10. Anybody that thinks that Logan Paul has a freaking chance against Mayweather is out of their goddamn minds. Like it’s been said a million other times in this feed this is a money grab !!! Truth be told this is beneath Mayweather and I don’t even like Mayweather

  11. He will win didn’t get 51-0 to get beat by a YouTube star.. y’all funny any one wants to get better at boxing need to go read The Fight For Power and Money Book or hire my husband best boxing coach in Dallas Texas!! Harvey Hughes

  12. Its a money thing think about it mayweather a star Logan a YouTuber it entertainment that all I mean who is Logan to a man of mayweather statue

    • This title is crazy!! That’s Floyd Mayweather Jr. This guy can hit a heavy bag in his sleep and look good.

  13. Mayweather is gonna box this guys head off. If you think this youtuber has a chance, you must be a WWE fan, where the outcome is already known.

  14. Floyd Mayweather knows what he’s doing by making a busted training video. Fighters like Floyd have embarrassed taller and heavier sparring partners on many occasions, it has that natural occasion in live sparring gyms. Put your money on Paul and be part of the bank that gets broken.

    • Facts he did that against pac man and they said the same thing and he won just toying with them to get the opponent to think that it’s a mind game to think he s done

    • Exactly make a busted training video, that way your opponent actually thinks they stand a chance because you are horrible.

  15. Don’t know why the Boxing Commission is letting this happen. It’s a stunt. Not real. Been lost all respect for Floyd!

    • You have lost all respect for your paycheck apparently! You clearly don’t understand promoting or financial evolution. Anyone who truly understands money, knows that it’s a simple payday.

    • Because it’s an exhibition. That’s the only reason this is going forward. Otherwise, it would not be sanctioned. Not just because the gap in experience but they are not in the same weight class as well.

  16. Only a fool would even consider Logan would have a chance. Selling tickets is the objective. What incentive does Mayweather have to look really good in training, none. This is a money grab promotional event period. And I hope he makes as much as possible.

  17. Biggest load of rubbish I have ever heard. If you think mayweather is going to hit Paul the same way he is touching the bag your kidding yourself. 😂😂😂

    • Lol. He looks just as he did before the McGregor fight. He will do the same thing he has done, be patient and let him wear himself down then attack.

  18. Did I miss something? B/c he grew his hair/beard out he’s out of shape and unkept? FOH

  19. Judging a proven champion based on how he hit the bag is baseless. That doesn’t tell his skill level or what he can bring to the fight. Mayweather knows a trick or two . I’ve seen the Pauls fight and body size without too much of a skill does not bring a ko even with a 44 year old past his prime boxer. I bet Floyd senior can take on them Paul’s with one hand

  20. Light work He can cram in enough to beat Logan at least 40 rnds sparring will clean him up.

  21. You trying sell a fight that’s worse than me throwing a French fry and watching two ducks fight over it lol now that’s more entertaining than the worst boxer ever vs the best so called boxer ever 😂 Logan vs mayweather will never ever be entertaining no matter what story and bs you try to sell to stupid casuals 😂

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