So Is Fury Vs. Joshua Off? Questions, Questions

05/18/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

Without throwing a single punch (in a fight at least), former WBC heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder has potentially scored the upset of the year. Certainly, a whole lot of people will be upset if the judge’s ruling in Wilder’s favour – that orders how Tyson Fury must fight Wilder in a third meeting, this by September of this year – forces the big one, between Fury and Anthony Joshua, to bite the dust.

It seems it could happen, as in Fury Vs. Joshua won’t happen; at least not on August 14th as was announced, the super-fight all set to be settled. Now, with the surprise ruling by Judge Weinstein, fans are left wondering, and asking questions: What if Wilder refuses to take step-aside money to allow Fury-Joshua to go ahead? What if Fury and Joshua do fight and Fury loses – Wilder it seems, is only interested in revenge, and a third go at Fury, who he is currently 0-1-1 with?

If Fury goes ahead with the Joshua fight, would Fury merely be stripped of the WBC title and would Wilder fight an opponent for the vacant belt, and if so, who?

You can probably come up with some additional questions. We must now wait and see what Eddie Hearn has to say, what Bob Arum has to say on the situation, and Frank Warren. But it could be one big mess. Amazingly, despite his not fighting in well over a year and not winning a fight since 2019, the ball has rolled back into Deontay’s court. Judge Weinstein knows how to throw a spanner into the works, that’s for sure.

But here is perhaps the biggest question pertaining to this unexpected situation: who if anyone really wants to see a Fury-Wilder III? Not only that, but is there anyone out there aside from Wilder and his new trainer, former foe Malik Scott, who thinks Wilder has any real chance of beating Fury in a third fight? Also, I’d love to know what Anthony Joshua is thinking right now.

Nobody ever said things were simple or easy in the sport of boxing, did they!