Floyd Mayweather To Make UK Debut On Feb. 25 – Against A Reality TV Star

01/24/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

Well, superstar and all-time great Floyd Mayweather WILL box his long awaited UK debut, this at The O2 in London on February 25th, but the opponent chosen to be in the opposite corner leaves a lot to be desired. Mayweather, who will be having his seventh exhibition bout since “retiring” from the sport in 2017, will face Aaron Chalmers, star of UK hit reality show ‘Geordie Shore.’

I can hear the groans of indignation already. Yes, Mayweather, AKA “Money” has been accused of sinking to a new low for agreeing to this one. To be fair, Chalmers has boxed, with him holding a 1-0 record, and he has had some MMA fights also. But who on earth thinks Mayweather will have anything approaching a competitive time of things with this “fight?”

Facing a kick-boxer in an exhibition bout is one thing, Floyd facing a reality TV star is another. It will be interesting to see how many fans pay to show up at The O2 on fight night. There was a time when we UK fight fans would have been buzzing like crazy in anticipation of Mayweather coming to the UK to fight, but this upcoming event is so easy to sneer at. As for what the ticket prices/pay-per-view fee will be, well, who will pay to see this?

Mayweather was to have boxed Muay Thai fighter Liam Harrison, but Harrison suffered a knee injury and the fight was called off just moments after it was announced. Mayweather is now doing his best to hype the Chalmers bout. “I was originally supposed to fight a different opponent, but injuries happen and I’m glad Aaron Chalmers could step up so that we could give the fans what they want,” Mayweather said.

But who really wants to see this? Mayweather loves money, we know that, but is the 50-0 legend pushing his luck as far as trying to pull in yet more dollars/pounds with this event? Will YOU watch Mayweather-Chalmers? More importantly, will you pay for it?