Floyd Mayweather “In Talks To Fight Billy Joe Saunders If He Beats Canelo”

05/08/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

A story currently doing the rounds on the boxing web sites suggests superstar Floyd Mayweather “is in talks to fight Billy Joe Saunders if Saunders beats Canelo.” UK tabloid The Sun published an exclusive this morning, in which “an insider” spoke to the paper, revealing 44-year-old Mayweather’s plans. Since then, a number of sites have reported on this unexpected development.

Apparently, Mayweather is looking to take not only a fight with Saunders (only if BJS beats Canelo tonight) but also a return with Conor McGregor and a fight with Jake Paul (Floyd will of course fight Logan Paul in a heavily hyped exhibition later this year). For boxing fans, it is the suggestion that Mayweather may fight Saunders that brings the most genuine interest.

Could Floyd actually make a “real” return, to “real fighting?”

“Floyd is considering a return to professional boxing and wants to fight Billy Joe Saunders,” the source told The Sun. “He rates Billy Joe and he’s been in talks to fight him if he beats Canelo. Remember, Floyd is the only fighter to ever beat Canelo. Floyd always keeps himself in top shape so it’s not going to be hard for him to make the comeback.”

Maybe Mayweather sees something in Saunders that convinces him that he would handily defeat him, even at age 44. But the big caveat is BJS must win in Texas tonight. All bets are off if Canelo does what most experts feel he will and defeats the defending WBO super-middleweight champ. But if – if – Saunders can pull off the big upset (and he is not without his supporters, a very vocal Tyson Fury for one big example), then he will perhaps have another enormous fight to look forward to.

Floyd Mayweather “In Talks To Fight Billy Joe Saunders If He Beats Canelo”

If there is any truth to the talk of Mayweather-Saunders “talks,” then Saunders has even more motivation heading into the fight that is now just hours away.

Will Mayweather really come back if Saunders pulls it off tonight? Who knows, but already this story has generated plenty of chatter.