May 23 Will Be Marvelous Marvin Hagler Day

As his many, many fans know, Marvelous Marvin Hagler would have celebrated his 67th birthday on May 23rd. Sadly, the former long-reigning middleweight king will not be here to see his 68th year, but there will be a celebration all the same. As has been reported by and CBS Brockton, May 23rd will be Marvelous Marvin Hagler day in his hometown of Brockton.

May 23, a Sunday, will see the public invited to Rocky Marciano Stadium in Brockton and a host of celebrities from the boxing world will also be there – including another middleweight great in Bernard Hopkins, and perhaps the finest man behind the microphone today, Al Bernstein. Plenty of other great fighters are likely to attend.

It will be a day that both pays tribute to and celebrates the long and distinguished fighting career of Hagler, who was a born fighter. Hagler’s mother told that her son never wanted a funeral or a wake, that it was his wish to be cremated. Now, in a couple of weeks, the whole of Boston, the whole of America, will say a grand goodbye to the man plenty of valued experts say was THE greatest middleweight of them all.

“This public memorial will be a fitting tribute to one of the city’s favorite sons and one of boxing’s all-time greats,” Brockton mayor Robert Sullivan said this week.

No doubt the fans who do turn out will speak to each other, each sharing their own special Hagler memory or memories. It will be fascinating to hear what Hopkins has to say about Hagler, a fighter who influenced and inspired his own career immeasurably. If you live in Brockton and you’re a fight fan, if you’re a Hagler fan, you will be there. If you live in America and you can make the trip, you will be there.

There will be TV coverage for those of us who will not be able to make it. Hagler made a massive, everlasting impact on the sport of boxing. There may be more than a few tears of gratitude on display on May 23.

Marvelous Marvin Hagler: middleweight king from 1980 to 1987. Final ring record: 62-3-2(52). 12 title defences.

23 thoughts on “May 23 Will Be Marvelous Marvin Hagler Day”

  1. It’s good to see all the respect Hagler deserves he’s finally getting from all of us who loved him enough to comment. He was the personivacation of class. Heart unmatched by any boxer today. So inspirational to me, I’ve used the same nickname as a child through adulthood, “howiehagla”. See ya on the other side Marvelous

  2. Ali transcended boxing, like the Beatles transcended boxing. In pure boxing terms, Marvin was the best pure boxer ever. While we all remember the big fights and the Leonard fix. Try watching Hagler verse Sibson in Worcester the fight before Hearns. If there was ever a pure boxing clinic, this was it. The moves, the balance, the control, the moving in all the time. Its breath taking and made me positive Hearns would lose. This fight should be studied by every up and coming boxer. He was the greatest boxer ever. I met Marvin 3 times. He was the ultimate gentleman. He left with his wits, smarts, body and mind intact. RIP Marvin, my house is decorated with Marvin pictures and memorabilia. I will never forget him.

  3. Marvelous Marvin Hagler one of the finest middleweight champions of all times. And not being partial in any way I still think today that he did beat Sugar Ray Leonard in their championship match many years ago. Rest in peace mmh

  4. I always looked forward to seeing Marvin fight. He was a true champion and a great citizen from Brockton Massachusetts. The fix was on when he fought Sugar Ray. Marvin clearly won that fight. Rest easy champ you were the greatest middle weight boxer in history!!!!

  5. Greatest Middleweight Champ that ever donned boxing gloves.Always was ready for war and always came ro the ring in phenomenal shape.Always have the v taper.Rest in peace Champ and you certainly got robbed in the Leonard fight.Rest Easy Warrior

  6. Marvin was the greates he fought hard and was determine to reach his greatness and a very nice person.

  7. We all know that Marvin won his last fight he had retire as a winner no doubt about it. Rest in peace Marvelous of them all!! A true Champion.

  8. R.I.P. Marvin Haglar
    A true Champion and Great Man. I loved watching you fight !! Truly dedicated , and Great Sportsmen.

  9. Marvin Hagler was the best middleweight to ever put on boxing gloves I’m from Philly and I seen four of his fights at the Spectrum and I said ain’t nobody going to beat this guy nobody he was a mechanic a true mechanic rest in peace brother Tyrone Patterson

  10. Marvelous Marvin Hagler was my favorite boxer of all time. He undoubtedly was the greatest middleweight of all times. I just couldn’t wait to see his fights. He did beat Ray Leonard. Rest in peace CHAMP. You were the greatest and could have beaten anyone named “SUGAR”.

  11. Forever Champion thank you for your great inspiration in my life..never forget you Champ!

  12. thats Amazing, I would love to be there, to Throw my boxing gloves of yesterday to The Marvelous one that was Boxing… Just as Roberto Duran .. He thought Hagler was All time the best ever…. period… I Agree……!

  13. One of the greatest middleweights of all time. And yes he beat Sugar Ray Leonard.

  14. Born 2 fight #1 courage#2 brave#3. # heart of lion # 4 no’nonsense fighter”” # 5 paid all his dues”’period “”” strong rearing good blood line””A real live HERO”’ REST EASY MARVELOUS””’A TRUE WARRIOR FROM YO IMAGINARY ””””’ MIKE”’ OUTTA” C’TOWN OHIO

  15. Indeed he was one of the greatest fighters that ever lived. And I enjoyed the movies that he stared in.

  16. Loved watching Marvin fight ,the greatest middle weight of all time!! One of the best at any weight!!!

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